A recurrent theme of discussion in our region this era, is how best to have a positive impact on our society. While there are many noble initiatives, I believe that the most impactful are those that act as a “catalyst” for other great people in our society. And hence, the idea of this low-profit-company came by. These are my initial thoughts. Would appreciate the feedback.

I hope I can pursue this one day.

“Al-Itqan: The Mastery Institute”

initial thoughts on a low profit company


  • To spread the culture of excellence, mastery, and iteration in our society. …

The idea is simple:

  • The App simply helps High School Diploma students study for their final exams.
  • We will start with English. How valuable is an app that scientifically helps you memorize all English words used in the HS Diploma curriculum?
  • Phase one of the app is simple — just one module: a scientific flash cards app, where it’ll ask you words continuously. It’ll repeat questions that you get wrong. It’ll still ask you for things you get right at longer intervals.
  • Why would people pay for this app? HS Diploma students and their parents are used to paying to…

Arabic Music “Jalsat Tarab” — inclusive

One of the beauties of Arabic/Oriental music is that it’s collaborative and “inclusive”. The audience is expected to participate, for musicians to improvise, for people to sing along and react. A song is never played the same way twice. This is even nicer when you attend the after-party gathering of band members, where novices and amateurs are invited to play and improvise and try their singing with the pros.

Unfortunately, almost all modern Arabic music is a lot like Opera, or Chamber music, where people sit in rows and are expected to listen in complete silence.

As some of you know I love data analysis.

Finally, I can say I’ve found the best package to do data-analysis, visualize it, and share it very easily:


It took me 5 minutes to create and publish this US Census Shiny App

Check this app that took me 5 minutes to put together — it plots live data of Stock Options: https://arrabi.shinyapps.io/stockVis/

The package I love is called Suny Server from RStudio (http://shiny.rstudio.com/)

(amazing gallery: http://shiny.rstudio.com/gallery/)

It uses the OpenSource R data-analysis language, which has become the standard for scientific and open-source community in the past few years.

It creates a very simple and powerful Interactive Visualization layer.

Finally, the ShinyApps server allows…

Ahmad Takatkah (@SinbadTheVC) and myself (@MRArrabi) gave this workshop at the IEEE event in Hashemite University on Oct 7, 2012. It covers tips & advice on how to launch your startup in Jordan.

Originally published at www.muhammadarrabi.com on October 11, 2012.

Like many people around the world — I have more ideas than I can implement in a lifetime. I used to keep those in lists. But now, and inspired by Creative Commons and open source movements — I want to share them. I admit that most of these ideas are not real because they are simply not good enough. However, if somebody reads them and gets inspired even a bit, and enhances them to a point where they get implemented — I would be very very happy. This is the first in what I hope will be a series of…

Every other person on Quora question, including Marc Andreessen & Keith Rabois, and so many others, recommend 1 book for Peoples-Management:

The book is about 30 years old, yet it is still considered the definitive guide. (Before it people swore by Management by Peter Druckers, the father of modern enterprise management)

Too bad the book is not on Audible. They released an Audio version of it on cassette in 1984, and I can’t find a digital copy of it :-) Here’s a summary of the book. (too bad getabstract.com doesn’t have an abstract of the book).

Originally published at www.muhammadarrabi.com on December 3, 2012.

I love this quote:

how lame Facebook sounded to me when I first heard about it. A site for college students to waste time? It seemed the perfect bad idea: a site (1) for a niche market (2) with no money (3) to do something that didn’t matter.


Originally published at www.muhammadarrabi.com on September 11, 2012.

I finished readingThe Startup of Youbook recently, written by Reid Hoffman (LInkedin cofounder) & Ben Casnoca. I thought I’d share few comments about it.

The book is great for those who want to enter the “Business World”:

- either fresh college graduates

- or technical people who want to make the jump to business roles

It gives a number of recommendations — that are frankly similar to a lot of other books. But the style is direct & clear, which makes for an easy reading.

The book has some interesting stories about birth of “Web 2.0" — namely thePaypal Mafia

Two amazing articles that discuss the psychology of the psychologists who analyze Liberals & Conservatives. The articles provide an insight into how the two rival groups think and evaluate each other. Highly recommended reading:

The critique by Michael Sherman (shorter & to the point)

The original article by Dr Haidt (long & worth it)

the same link also has commentary by several scholars on this subject. Very interesting.

the question is: can we apply such analysis on the Jordanian political scene between Elitist, Tribal, Religious, & Progressive camps?

Originally published at www.muhammadarrabi.com on September 17, 2008.

Muhammad Arrabi

CEO of EcommerceSea — Pioneering Fashion Ecommerce Startup of Saudi Arabia; How to create SV in Arabia; Philosophy; Education; Bitcoins; Arabic Music; Startups

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