Shiny — the Ultimate Data Analysis Tool

As some of you know I love data analysis.

Finally, I can say I’ve found the best package to do data-analysis, visualize it, and share it very easily:

It took me 5 minutes to create and publish this US Census Shiny App

Check this app that took me 5 minutes to put together — it plots live data of Stock Options:

The package I love is called Suny Server from RStudio (

(amazing gallery:

It uses the OpenSource R data-analysis language, which has become the standard for scientific and open-source community in the past few years.

It creates a very simple and powerful Interactive Visualization layer.

Finally, the ShinyApps server allows one to post individually-developed graphs for others to see, with one line of code!

Further more, if you’re interested in Data Analysis, you can get an Online Certificate from John Hopkins University for taking 6-data courses taught online at

The courses are based heavily on R.

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