7 Keys to Creating an Effective Profile the First Time

You’ve decided you want to join the Sugar Bowl and find a Sugar Baby online. Now you have to put yourself out there as an eligible and desirable Sugar Daddy. As with anything else, this can take time and effort. Here are some tips to make it a smooth start:

  1. Shop around the various Sugar Baby dating websites. Read the reviews, terms and conditions, peruse the free profiles. Is it a quality website? Is it easy to follow? Do you see any profiles that interest you?
  2. Decide if you’re going to pay for a premium membership. Will it help you find what you’re looking for? Will it elevate you to a more desired status? Will it attract the attention of the kind of SB you’re looking to meet?
  3. Pick a great photo. This is important. Consider the following:
  • Does it show your face? You may have a great full length photo, but if your face isn’t clear it could be passed over.
  • Use a current picture. Even if you feel you looked great in a picture from 5–10 years ago, no one appreciates being “cat-fished”.
  • Does it show that you are financially capable of participating in this kind of arrangement?
  • Consider the background. What does it say about you? Is it neutral or professional? Are you standing somewhere beautiful? A picture of you in a bathroom, outside a burger joint, or in front of an old car is not good advertising.
  • Is it appropriate? While you may be hopeful your future relationship becomes sexual, no one will respond to a vulgar picture.
  • Consider privacy and safety. Avoid pictures with identifying company logos, addresses, the outside of your home or business.
  1. After your picture draws someone in, they’ll be looking for your budget if there is a feature for that. Be clear about this. False advertising is no one’s friend. Don’t be salty.
  2. Don’t write a novel, but give a good overview of yourself. Share general things about your accomplishments, what you like to do, your favorite places in the world. Show a potential SB what she can look forward to in a relationship with you.
  3. Be honest about what you’re looking for; have high standards, but don’t come across as looking for the impossible. No woman wants to enter a relationship fearing she will be inadequate.
  4. Remember that you are advertising yourself! Does what you are presenting reflect you in the best possible light? Is it honest? Do you show what you have to offer? If you answered no to any of those questions, go back and edit. Don’t advertise a premium service with a substandard advertisement!