Compensation in the Sugar Relationship

Dating in the sugar bowl isn’t traditional. This is a mutually beneficial relationship and it helps to be prepared for what you may need for yourself and what she may need you to provide.


Your Sugar Baby likely has attire she can wear to classes or out and about in her day to day, but for upscale dates and events, she may need clothes that fit the occasion. When planning a date that will require her to dress up, make sure she has the resources she needs to feel comfortable and look beautiful the night of.

Travel and Trips

Travel expenses may be part of your arrangement if you take trips together or it is a long distance relationship. Make sure she has access to funds to make travel arrangements if you have not done so already. In this type of relationship, she may be relying on you to take care of the expenses. Remember, both parties are taking some risks- especially in a long distance SB/SD relationship. When meeting for the first time, it would help her feel safe if she has guaranteed round trip to travel (tickets sent to her or money to purchase the return) and extra cash for transport if she feels unsafe.

If you do travel together, she may need to make sure that incidentals are all paid for. Many sugar babies are in college, working, or single mothers and don’t have excess funds to splurge on vacations. Even small things like lost luggage or forgetting to pack a pair of shoes or toiletries can add up when away from home. Be thoughtful and let her know what you are willing to cover and what you expect her to pay for, if anything.

Gifts or Allowance

Any compensation that occurs in the SB/SD relationship is something that will depend on your preferences and hers. Some SB’s are happy to experience great dates with a great companion who buys dinner and pays for expenses on date nights. Some SBs are looking for compensation to help with tuition, bills, rent, or spending money. It is best to be up front about what you are willing to provide as a SD.

If you are willing to provide an allowance for your SB, be clear about how much that will be per month. If you are offering gifts, let her know what your budget is likely to be. If you are offering to pay for expenses, work out whether you will pay these directly or give her money directly.

This may all seem like a lot of detail, but again, this is a special kind of relationship. Being open and honest about money, expectations, and boundaries can make this part of the relationship uncomplicated so you can enjoy the rest.