Grooming and Fashion for Sugar Daddies

Grooming, beauty and fashion tips are so often directed at Sugar Babies, but appearance is important for Sugar Daddies as well. While a Sugar Daddy certainly has a more powerful financial role in the relationship, this is not an arrangement that guarantees intimacy or sex. Many Sugar Babies are looking for attraction and romance in addition to the financial part of the relationship. You don’t have to look like a male model to be attractive for a woman. Grooming, fashion, and personality also go a long way!


Bathe often and consider using a nice body wash or soap that smells subtle and not overpowering. Try to avoid scents that date you or you have been using for a long time unless you continue to receive compliments on them. (You want to smell good, but not remind her of her father!). Keep your nails trimmed and your hands and feet moisturized so they aren’t cracking.

Facial Hair

You don’t have to be clean shaven to be sophisticated. There are many attractive men with facial hair. Just make sure you commit to the look. Too long between shave jobs can leave you looking careless and ill-groomed. Facial hair you do have should be clean, well maintained and groomed. There are many products available for grooming facial hair or for taking care of shaved skin. Or, pop into a barber to ensure you’ve got a professional touch.


There are universal rules to men’s hair that women seem to agree on, but men sometimes neglect. If you are balding, OWN IT! It’s okay! Don’t attempt a comb over or obvious plugs. Have it shaved neatly in the balding area and groom the rest carefully, or shave it completely. If you invest in a hairpiece or wig, make sure it is high quality and not obvious. Wash it often, get a current cut (don’t hang onto a style from college!) and consider using a nice grooming product from a salon or shop.


You want to make sure that you look like what you have advertised. You can pull of a casual look while still presenting yourself as financially well-off, clean, and handsome. You may be older than your Sugar Baby, but that doesn’t mean you have to date yourself. Have a few nice items that are current. They don’t have to follow a trend you don’t enjoy, but a newer, current suit, shirt, or pair of pants always looks better than an older, dated item, even if it is high quality. Trying to hang onto a style that suited you 10–20 years ago ages you much more than you think! Also, think about your body type. Wear clothes that fit well and are flattering, no matter what size you are.
 In all cases, there are professionals who can help. Barbers, Salons, Spas (yes, many cater to men!), and professional shoppers can make your world a lot easier to navigate!