Holiday Party Etiquette

The holidays bring many opportunities for your Sugar Daddy to show you a great time and show you off. While a holiday party may be a great time, you also want to make sure you present yourself in the best light possible and reflect positively on your SD. Here are some hard and fast etiquette rules to get you through the holiday party season.

Don’t get drunk!

Do NOT overindulge in alcohol at your SD’s holiday party, even if it seems that everyone else is or the atmosphere allows for it. It is too easy with open bars, champagne platters, and wine glasses constantly being refilled at meals to lose track of how many you’ve had. Drink plenty of water, don’t drink on an empty stomach, and sip your beverages. A holiday buzz is fun and lights up a smile; holiday stumbling and losing your dignity are a recipe for disaster.

Follow your SD’s lead

Even if you are a social butterfly and have no trouble mingling in a crowd of new faces, hang back and let your Sugar Daddy take the lead. Allow him to make first introductions and show you off. After all, if he is bringing you to a holiday party it means he is proud to have you on his arm. If he leaves you to chat with other partygoers, make small talk, catch his eye across the room and let him know you can handle yourself, but you’re missing his company.

Maintain Boundaries

Meeting a bathroom bestie is fine when out with girlfriends at a club, but at a holiday party, keep your guard up. Don’t get too personal with people even if you hit it off. Don’t spill about your personal life or your SD, and definitely not about the specifics of your romantic arrangement or involvement in the sugar bowl. If you meet someone who asks too many questions, don’t feel obligated to answer them. Your obligation is to your Daddy, not nosy strangers. And of course, don’t flirt with other men at his party no matter what your arrangement is.

Steer Clear of Sticky Subjects

Passion about subjects such as social issues, politics, or religion may be a huge draw for a Sugar Daddy who loves to talk with you well into the night, but they are not often appropriate subjects to discuss as a plus one at a holiday party. You don’t want to risk offending someone or making the evening uncomfortable. If someone else brings up a heated topic, politely steer the conversation in another direction or excuse yourself.

Follow these rules, make sure you look irresistible, and your SD is sure to be appreciative he chose to bring you as his date!