How to create a great profile

As a SD, you are in demand, and you certainly have the opportunity to search through the Sugar Baby profiles and make the first move. But… who has that kind of time? Wouldn’t it be great to have a confident, sexy, SB reach out to you instead?

Needless to say, it’s worth taking some time to get your profile right. As you’ve likely seen from the profiles you’ve cruised, a short profile really isn’t enough information to pique your interest, but a lengthy profile won’t get read.

Put it out there
One of the perks about an arrangement is that both parties know what they’re getting themselves into. That means if there are specific things you want, or don’t want, you can reduce everyone’s time by stating them up front. A laundry list of ‘dislikes’ probably won’t win you any admiration, but if you really aren’t going to travel more than 50km to meet someone, might as well be up front.

Play up your assets
The most common arrangements include a financial element, and you may already know how you’d like to handle that aspect. If you aren’t someone who plans to provide an allowance, but prefers to shower a SB with gifts, mention it. If you are open to an allowance, but have a max you won’t stray beyond, you can certainly add that, too. The Sugar Bowl is all about honest, and setting expectations. Because you’re in the driver’s seat, you can get away with stating your financial preferences up front.

Focus on you and what you want
This is harder to do than it sounds. If you can describe the match you’re looking for, be it a certain age, look or life-stage, this will help those SBs in that category connect with you. But don’t be too formulaic, or you could risk missing out on a good thing.

Talk about yourself

And we don’t mean add your bio. You’ve had a prosperous life, and you’ve reach a level of success you worked hard for. Describe your life experience and what’s encouraged you to explore Sugaring. Add some details that allow a natural first message — if she’s truly interested in you, she’ll comment on those details, not send a generic message. This is a great way to weed out SB’s that are sending blanket messages!

Humor goes a long way
Last, but not least, is to keep it light. Your professional life is probably pretty serious, and you’ve been rewarded for being stoic. That’s great on the work front, but we all want to laugh with a companion, so show her you have a sense of humor. Funny is sexy!