How to Navigate the Profiles on Sugar Sites

Deciding to enter into a sugar relationship may be easy. Making your way through the various profiles may be harder. Here are some ways to narrow down your search and help navigate the sites.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Let’s be honest, you are looking for someone you are attracted to. No one intentionally sets out on any kind of dating site looking for someone who isn’t their type. Only click on the profiles with pictures, preferably good quality and not a snapshot someone took of them in a bar with friends. Not only are you going in blind if you haven’t seen a picture, but it tells you that this potential SB took the time to complete a full profile. If you want someone who will be a companion and not just looking for a quick payday, look for women who put in an effort.

Look for someone you could be physically attracted to

Most potential sugar babies (POT SBs) are going to put a flattering picture up. If you aren’t excited by their most flattering picture, you won’t be excited in person.

Check out their expectations

Read the profile to see what their expectations and desires are. Be realistic about what you are willing to provide and what she is asking for. If you only feel comfortable with gifts, don’t approach someone who wants an allowance. Honest communication is the basis for a successful and mutually satisfying sugar relationship, and that starts in the profile!

Read her profile

If you have determined that you like her picture and could see potential for chemistry and she has expectations you are happy to meet, read her profile.

Some things to look for are:

  • Is it hastily thrown together with errors easily fixed with a quick edit? If so, keep that effort factor in mind.
  • Does her personality shine through or does it sound like a script? If you want someone you can enjoy as a companion, really consider how much her personality factors into chemistry and happiness with the arrangement.
  • Does she mention things or beliefs that immediately turn you off or make you hesitant? Trust your gut! If you are put off by a profile or see obvious clashes now, no matter how beautiful she may be, you may want to reconsider.
  • Does she seem like someone you would want to get to know? Remember, sugar dating sites are not about a hook-up. POT SBs are looking for an arrangement that is mutually beneficial. If she doesn’t seem like someone you can see yourself investing time and resources in, don’t engage.

Play the field

When you start off looking for a POT SB, message a few women you are interested in. Not all women you message will be available or attracted to you. Message with a couple to see who you are more excited to hear from again. You can always narrow it down as you chat.