How to Talk About Money

Money is an integral feature of the sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship. Money is something we are often told is private and to be discreet about so as to not be impolite. In the sugar bowl world of relationships, compensation is something that overrides those rules.

Know your limits up front

Before you start looking for a sugar baby profile on a relationship site, have a budget and boundaries in mind. Ask yourself some questions to gauge your own comfort before approaching a SB about money.

  • Are you comfortable giving an allowance or money directly to a SB?
  • Are you comfortable giving tangible gifts such as money, jewelry, clothing, paying for bills, or paying for luxury services?
  • Do you prefer to give intangible gifts such as paying for dinner, trips, or dates?
  • What is your budget per date or per month?

Be discerning

Seek out sugar babies whose expectations and desires match what you are willing to give. Having a discussion about money is going to be much harder if you are pursuing SBs who want more than you are willing or able to give.

Get to know her first

Before you discuss the actual transactions and how those will take place, make sure this is a baby and a relationship you’re interested in. Chat online and talk on the phone to find out if you have chemistry. There’s no need to hammer out the details if it isn’t a good match for you.

Be honest, specific, and direct

Once you and SB decide that this is a relationship worth pursuing, talk about money honestly and directly. Let her know what you’re willing to give and how you’re willing to make that happen. Ask her what she needs. Decide how compensation will happen- direct cash or deposits, sending bills to you, you paying for dates as a rule, etc. Come up with an arrangement that works for both of you. If at any time you are unable to keep your commitments let her know.

Be clear about the ending

If/when you decide the arrangement is no longer meeting your needs, be clear about the end to the financial arrangement. If you’re providing significant financial support, be open about what you are willing to do from here forward. If you’re willing to give her notice so she can make other arrangements to maintain financial stability, then do so. If you’re not able/willing to, be direct about that. Communicating well throughout the relationship can make communicating the end of the arrangement less complicated.