How to Turn Her On

Getting a Sugar Baby (or any woman) excited is about so much more than just sex. The list is long, but it largely comes down to how you make a woman feel in your presence and about herself. This doesn’t mean that turning a woman on is strictly emotional. It can be purely sexual, but a lot of that is making her feel desired.

Make her feel worthy of your attention
Turning a woman on starts with paying attention to her. Really, truly paying attention. Let her know that you enjoy being around her, enjoy her companionship, and that you want to hear her AND see her. Women know when men have one goal in mind and don’t care how it gets met, and that can kill any sexual feelings fast!

Let her know you think about her
I’m not talking about just missing someone when they are gone. Making a woman feel powerful and sexy is about her knowing that you want her. Send her messages and texts to let her know that you can’t stop thinking about her. Tell her when you are apart she is on your mind and driving you crazy. Let her know you can’t wait to be with her again.

Make her feel irresistible and sexy
Women want to know that they turn YOU on. The power that comes from being able to turn on a man makes a woman feel irresistibly sexy. Compliment her body. Tell her which parts of her turn you on. Tell her what parts of her you think about when you are apart. Make her feel like you can’t keep your hands off of her (and hopefully it’s true!).

Compliment her skills
Let her know that the things she does to you and with you are amazing. If she takes risks and lets you in on her fantasies or helps fulfill some of yours, compliment her. As a Sugar Daddy, you may have much more experience than she does. If that’s the case and she has more to learn, teach her by complimenting what you love and asking for more of that or other things you like. Take care to watch her feelings and ego. Wounded pride does not make for confident, satisfying sex.

Ok, it’s definitely a cliché, but the more you communicate, the better off you’ll both be. Ask questions, prod her gently to tell you what she’s thinking. The more she feels you’re truly interested in her, the more open she’ll be!