Navigating the Holidays as a Married or Private Sugar Daddy — Thanksgiving Edition

Traditionally Thanksgiving is a family holiday. However, more and more people are going the nontraditional route for the holiday and making new traditions, such as Friendsgiving. If your Sugar Baby is in college or younger and away from her family, she may have a vacation for the holiday but not be planning to leave to see family. This could be a great opportunity to spend some time together. However, if you are a married Sugar Daddy, have your own family plans, or if privacy is a concern for you, the holidays may be trickier. Here are some hints to get through the holidays while dating in the Sugar Bowl.

Be Honest About Your Plans and Expectations
While Thanksgiving could be a great time to catch extra time together, if you have privacy concerns or obligations with your spouse, family, friends, or children, be honest with your SB that the holiday will not be a good time for you two to see each other. Let her know what your expectations are or what hers should be for communication- if you are able to receive and make calls, texts, or emails. Tell her how long you’ll be away or unavailable and when she should expect to hear from you again.

Be Empathetic
She may not have expectations for holidays spent together, or may have plans of her own, but no one likes to feel put aside. She isn’t a work assignment or golf pal, and sometimes younger women can feel more hurt by not being included, even if they know the situation and arrangement. Let her know you will be thinking of her and make plans for as soon as you can post-holiday.

Ways to Stay in Touch
If you are able to still communicate, but just can’t see each other in person, consider connecting in other ways. Messages back and forth via text or email are convenient for when your holidays are busy. A sexy phone call or Skype session might make the time away worth it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it can also certainly make your sex life hotter!

Make Plans Post Holiday
Make your post-holiday reunion great! Set up a special trip or date. Get her something, big or small, to let her know she was on your mind over the holiday. Let her know that this year, you are thankful for your relationship with her.