Keeping the Heat

Sugar arrangements are appealing for so many reasons, one of them being the less complicated nature of the relationship. Rather than being on a fast track to potential marriage, children, or a lifetime commitment, both parties are looking for something satisfying and beneficial. While there is still sacrifice and commitment in a Sugar Relationship, there is not the same kind of pressure to make it work at all costs. Because of that, the arrangement may only live as long as the passion. So how do you make sure you keep a great arrangement passionate, exciting, and hot?

Pay Attention to Your Differences

It’s universally known that men and women operate very differently in relationships and have different emotional and intimacy needs. Women generally need to feel special, desired, and appreciated in order to feel sexual with their partners. Men often need a sexual connection in order to feel special, desired, and appreciated. This gap can be huge in a long-term relationship, but can be less upkeep for a sugar relationship. So what can you do to make sure she feels important and desired?

  • TELL her. Women like to be told they are beautiful, appreciated, cared for. They like to know that you enjoy their company, think about them, and that they are desirable.
  • Give her small, thoughtful gifts. These can be romantic, silly inside jokes, something you noticed she was out of, sexy, or practical. They let her know that you thought enough about her to pick something up you thought she might like.
  • Write her notes. Whether it is by text or on a napkin, write a note now and then to let her know she is on your mind.
  • Show her how sexy you think she is. Get her lingerie or sexy shoes. Buy her a new lipstick or perfume. Buy some lotions or oils. Let her know that she is desired outside of an intimate encounter.

Stay Open

If things start getting mundane or routine but you don’t want to let her or the relationship go, let her know what you need or where the relationship feels stale. Ask her what she thinks and what she would want to see change. When one person is feeling bored, chances are the other is too. Be okay with that and look at it as a chance to spice things up again rather than a criticism.

Change It Up!

If your intimate relationship needs to be shaken up, maybe you need to see each other in a new light. Try going on a surprise date or role play a second “first date”. Go somewhere or do something exciting and different from what you normally do, even if it is outside your comfort zone. Sometimes in order to feel excited again in bed, you need to feel excited about life!

Most of all, remember that this relationship is supposed to be FUN! Look at the romance and the minimal upkeep as part of the agreement. Without having the stresses of a traditional situation, this should be an easier relationship to keep up!