Key Sugar Terms to Know

New to the Sugar Bowl and lost by the language? Here are some key sugar terms, slang and internet abbreviations to know to make navigating profiles and chatting easier!

Allowance: a monthly stipend that a Sugar Daddy provides his Sugar Baby each month for her expenses.

Angel Baby: a Sugar Baby who is not new to sugaring and really knows the ins and outs

Arrangement: an agreement in the sugar lifestyle that sets expectations for a relationship.

Basic: a plain, predictable person or action

Big Daddy: a wealthy, generous, sought after Sugar Daddy

Budget: see allowance

Freelance: searching for a sugar partner in real life as opposed to online

FWIW: For what it’s worth

IDK: I don’t know

IRL: in real life

NSA: No strings attached

NSFW: Not suitable for work (inappropriate or racy content warning)

POT: potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy

Salty: someone who poses as a Sugar Daddy but doesn’t want to play by the standard rules, ie expects sex, doesn’t have the resources to actually be a true SD.

Splenda: Sugar Daddies who spend less on their sugar babies than many others do.

Sugar Baby: female looking for or in a relationship with a Sugar Daddy. Typically young, attractive, and adventurous. In return for compensation or pampering from a Sugar Daddy, she provides companionship. Sugar Babies may be college students looking to fund tuition, single moms looking for help with rent and bills, young women looking to have a certain standard of living maintained, or women looking for an exciting social and romantic life without the expectation of a serious relationship or marriage. This relationship doesn’t always, but can involve sex.

Sugar Bow (SB): The sugar lifestyle

Sugar Daddy (SD): usually a financially well off man who is looking for companionship and fun with a younger, beautiful woman. Generally compensates his Sugar Baby with money, gifts, trips, and the like. This relationship doesn’t always, but can involve sex.

Sugar Mommy/Mama (SM): usually a financially independent, well-off woman looking for companionship in a younger, handsome man. Generally compensates her sugar pup with money, gifts, trips, and the life. This relationship doesn’t always, but can involve sex.