Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex can be a subject that is difficult to talk about in a direct manner. You can be a successful and assertive person in many areas of life and still feel awkward about how to bring up your wants and needs.

Consent and Safety

First, the Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship does not guarantee sex for either party. Sex in this type of relationship happens when it is a mutually consensual act. If it is a part of the relationship with your SB, make sure that the openness and directness extend beyond just getting consent. If you do decide to have a sexual relationship with your SB, have honest discussions about birth control, safety, monogamy or multiple partners, and expectations for all. Will you be carrying condoms? Will she be responsible for birth control? Do you want to complete STI testing? These conversations might not feel sexy, but they are definitely better to have beforehand than when in the heat of the moment or when it’s too late.

What are you looking for?

A great sexual experience or relationship is different for everyone. Some may be looking for intimacy and a feeling of connection. Some may be looking to experience their fetishes with a partner who makes them feel free and fun! This is not the time to be shy. If you have some desires and needs this might be the perfect relationship to get those things met if you have a partner who is willing and open!

Be Direct

Some things to talk to your SB about might be:

  • What turns you on (and what doesn’t!)
  • Parts of your body you love to have touched
  • Fantasies you would love to try out
  • Kinks or fetishes
  • Experiences you have never had but would like to
  • Lingerie you’d like to see her in
  • Sex toys you’d like to use with her
  • How you feel about foreplay, oral sex, and anal sex

Listen to Your Partner

The key to GREAT sex is to also listen to your SB and what she likes and doesn’t like. She may have some fantasies of her own you might enjoy. Depending on your situation, your SB may have less experience than you do or may be shy. Make her feel confident and compliment her. Ask her what experiences she would like to have and what makes sex great for her.

If you can, meet her sexual needs so she feels confident and appreciated in bed. Again, this type of relationship is designed to be mutually beneficial and she may surprise you with what she’d like to experience with you!