Meeting A Potential Sugar Baby for the First Time

You’ve established potential for chemistry with texting or calls. You are now at a point to decide whether you’ll move forward. Your potential sugar baby (POT SB) is also using this meet to determine if she wants to move forward. Now you have to navigate putting your best foot forward, while at the same time deciding if she is someone you are interested in entering a SB/SD arrangement with. No pressure! Fortunately, it’s not as daunting as it sounds. Here are 10 tips to make sure you feel prepared, comfortable, and leave feeling satisfied.

  1. Choose a location where talking is easy. A concert or quiet restaurant may not be the place to get to know each other well enough for the purposes of this meeting.
  2. Dress with care. You want to be appropriately dressed for the situation, but still present yourself with class.
  3. If the relationship is long distance, consider coming to her. While this may be inconvenient for you, it shows her you are really invested and interested. It can also make her feel more secure. She is likely more inexperienced than you are and showing her this kind of gentlemanly behavior will be appreciated.
  4. Pay for the first date. A relationship in the sugar bowl is not a typical first date. Be prepared to show her you are ready to pamper her! Don’t come with a coupon book or calculator!
  5. Be charming and funny. It may be hard to show humor, especially if you are reserved or nervous, but all women love to laugh. She wants to know if you will be someone she’ll enjoy spending time with!
  6. Talk about things you like, hobbies, your profession, what you hope to experience with a SB. Sell yourself but watch out not to be too cocky.
  7. Ask questions about things that are important or interesting to you. Even if she’s gorgeous, if you don’t enjoy talking with her, the arrangement may not work!
  8. Avoid hammering out compensation arrangements on the first meeting.
  9. Be honest about how you feel it went. If you don’t feel the chemistry or attraction and don’t see it going anywhere, be tactful but direct. She may be less experienced or more easily hurt. Part gracefully.
  10. If you think it went well, ask how she feels it went! Communication and honesty are the keys to making SB/SD arrangements successful!