More than one Sugar Baby?

Many Sugar arrangements are monogamous, but there are some Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies who prefer to have less committed relationships. Even if your relationships are more casual than long term, and you are both in agreement about the exclusivity, there are still considerations when dating more than one sugar.

Keep Your Relationships Separate

Having more than one SB isn’t like having a handful of M&M’s. They are all different and that is what can make dating more than one Sugar at a time so appealing. You need to appreciate each SB individually and have a separate relationship that is exclusive to her. Don’t take them both to the same restaurant on different nights of the week. Don’t buy them the identical gifts or take them on the same canned trip.

Be Tactful

Even though you should have both agreed to this arrangement does not mean that your Baby will want to hear about the other Sugars you are dating. Don’t mention them when on dates. Do not compare the two. Make sure any personal belongings of another Baby are put away before another comes over. If you are public with the relationships, make sure people you will be with will be polite to her and not tactless about her being One Of rather than The One. And of course, call her the correct name and remember the names of those important to her.

Safety First

If you are sexual with the women you have arrangements with, be safe! Having more than one partner always increases risk. Discuss how you’d both like to proceed to keep the communications line clear and open.

Have FUN!

Don’t stretch yourself so thin that you no longer enjoy your experience dating in the Sugar World. If it becomes too stressful to have more than one SB, shorten your playlist and bring it back to an enjoyable pace.

Budget Realistically

Even if you are dating more than one SB, remember that this is still an arrangement with expectations. Know her expectations up front and respect those. Also be clear about what you are looking for from the arrangement. Make sure it is working for both of you. If dating other Sugars is making it hard for either of you to fulfill your end of the deal, adjust accordingly! And of course, don’t be salty. Don’t try to get as much as you can as cheaply as possible in the Sugar Bowl. Word travels and you don’t want to ruin your reputation!