Preparing for Sugar Bowl Sex

Sex is not a part of all Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationships. However, if you and your SB do decide to take your relationship to that level, you want to be prepared!

Safety First

Before you and your SB decide to become sexual, have a discussion about STI’s, birth control, condoms, and who will be responsible for what. This is a conversation that is important, but not as fun or effective in the heat of the moment. Get it out of the way so you can enjoy the sexual relationship without the practical discussions.


Obviously, standard hygiene applies here. Pay extra attention to your oral hygiene and breath. Make sure your lips aren’t chapped and you don’t have sharp stubble. Remove or trim any unwanted or wild body hair. Use a good deodorant. Pick a scent that is pleasing without being overwhelming and try to use something current. Remember that you want to be as attractive for her as you want her to be for you!

Plan it Out

You don’t have to have sex on a bed of rose petals in candlelight, but she may not appreciate being cramped in the front seat of a Volvo either. For your first time, do a little planning so you are both comfortable.

Preparing for Her

Make sure the experience is comfortable and satisfying for her as well. Some helpful things to have on hand are tissues, lubrication, and condoms. If going the romance or sexy route, you may surprise her with some lingerie.

Be Vocal

Communicate your desires. This is a relationship that is most successful when honest and direct. The sexual part of it should be no different. If there is something you would like to experience with her, let her know! If there is something you don’t like, there are ways to say that as well. Ask her what she likes and doesn’t like. Make sure she is happy and satisfied.

Enjoy It!

This relationship is one that should be mutually satisfying and a chance to have a relationship on very honest and direct terms. Enjoy your time, don’t be shy, and stay present. Sex in the Sugar Bowl can be sweet!