Sugar Mommy? Yes You Can!

So much talk in the Sugar Bowl is directed at Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies, but the Sugar Mommy deserves the attention as well! In today’s society, many women are financially well-off, independent and go after what they want. If this is you, and you are considering a sugar relationship, here are 5 reasons for you to jump in!

You can set your own boundaries
 If your career, social life, or family take up a lot of your time, you can still have a relationship with a Sugar that doesn’t interfere with your schedule. If you want someone who will be there for fun, you don’t have to worry about it getting too serious. If you want a companion, you can specify that. There are so many different types of relationships and experiences in the sugar bowl, that you can choose what works best for your life.

You can enjoy the benefits of a younger pup
 We talk all the time about men being drawn to pretty young women, but who says women are not also looking for some youth, beauty, energy, fun and stamina? Owning your identity and sexuality also means owning your honest desires. This is the perfect place to find what it is that you are looking for.

Sugar Babies and Sugar Pups will benefit from your experience
 Many are college students or younger and looking for help with living expenses. Many have not had the life experiences you have or the ability to travel and try new things. It is always fun to see the world again through the eyes of someone who hasn’t yet. You bring experience and they bring excitement!

Sugar Babies/Pups can provide companionship and fun
 with varying levels of commitment. You can look for a Sugar who is happy to be monogamous or who agrees that you are both free to do as you choose when not together. This is so rare in traditional relationships, but acceptable in many sugar relationships.

While you may be able to bring more lavish or worldly experiences to the table, your sugar can bring opportunities you may have not been exposed to. A May-December romance is exciting for far more reasons than the physical benefits of youth and beauty. There is also a gap in trends and experiences between each generation. Being able to enjoy some of the newer trends in food, leisure, fashion, art, and travel is an enormous perk!