Technology in the Sugar Bowl

Tips for Online Dating, Connecting with Potential Sugars, and Long Distance Relationships

Finding a Sugar Baby, or Sugar Pup is arguably easiest online. Every day, new technologies come out that make it easier to not only find what you are looking for, but to connect with potential (POT) and current Sugars when not nearby physically. Here are some popular resources you may want to familiarize yourself with to make your online experience more successful.


It is hard to find anyone now who doesn’t have a smart phone, but some people still use them strictly for talking. There are so many other ways to use a phone to stay in touch. One of these is to use apps. Apps are used on smartphones, tablets, and computers, and perform a specific function or support a specific website or platform. Here are some that are very popular and useful for communication, viewing and sending/posting pictures and profiles.

Email: most email providers now have apps to make checking, reading, and sending emails quick and easy and also alert you when you have new mail.

Skype: a very popular platform for video chatting, Skype is simple to use and many people already have accounts. This is great for meeting a POT Sugar Baby before meeting in person, or maintaining a connection once you are in a relationship.

Facebook: If your relationship with your SB is private and you have concerns about maintaining that privacy and security, Facebook may not be the site for you. However, if that’s not a concern, Facebook can be a great way to message, chat, or share pictures.

Instagram: If you are looking for a Sugar Baby and she has an IG account, you may want to follow her to see her pictures, what she’s interested in, and what might spark an idea for a date!

Snapchat: This is a messaging app that also allows for short lived pictures and videos. This is often used for flirting, sexting, and sending pics and messages you don’t want to live forever.

Sugary Websites

There are many websites to cater to the needs of sugar daddies and sugar babies looking to make a connection or find the right relationship arrangement. These operate much like other traditional online dating sites, but also have space for both the POT babies and POT daddies to specify budgets. Many of these websites have safety features that cross check other websites to ward against users looking for prostitution rather than a sugar relationship. Most also have various levels of membership, advertising special features for higher prices. Ensure you review the site carefully to ensure you want to belong.

And for any social media applications or sites, make sure you review any social media site for its privacy settings before you assume you are online confidentially!