The All-in-One Blockchain Driven Fintech with 30% APY Staking Rewards.

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No Meme, no meaningless Token.

Just pure value and use case.

Array Monk App To Own Your Assets With P2P

Array Monk is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency project with an innovative App focusing on P2P trading, secure wallets, and utility services. It aims to revolutionize the crypto world, generating revenue for token holders and fueling coin growth.

Forthcoming Decentralized Platforms With Early Timestamp Reward

Investors, seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with Array Monk token’s presale! Buy early for exclusive benefits on the decentralized gaming platform. Get lower timestamp tokens for exceptional cashback rewards when using gaming platform chips. After the presale, the futuristic gaming platform will launch, powered by Array Monk tokens, rewarding early buyers with exciting cashback rewards on chip purchases.

Descrow – A Decentralized Escrow System Runs On Smart Contract

Introducing Descrow, our innovative decentralized Escrow system, redefining financial agreements. No centralized authority; transparent, secure, and fair transactions. Explore the potential with our Array Monk token launch. Decentralization ensures trust and transparency, with smart contracts automating payments based on predefined conditions, eliminating fraud risks and instilling confidence in all parties.

Uniting Technology And Swag In The Cryptocurrency World

Embrace the fusion of cutting-edge technology and swag with Array Monk Coin. It’s not just another cryptocurrency; it offers functionality, style, and versatility to revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem. Secure, efficient, and distinctive, Array Monk Coin stands out from the crowd.


Constant innovation drives our business strategy, utilizing new technologies for secure growth. Our leadership team prioritizes a comprehensive cyber risk strategy, focusing on security, vigilance, and resilience.

Platform to monitor vulnerabilities

Our Vulnerability Monitoring Platform utilizes military-grade standards, employing a highly secure protocol without IP or MAC addresses. It automatically discovers data center assets, compares them with various data sources, and delivers real-time vulnerability alerts. Specially designed firewalls without IP or MAC addresses will be installed to manage all network devices in the Data Center.

Future Of Gaming & Metaverse World With Early Timestamp Cashback

The cashback algorithm rewards early investors with higher percentages, up to 10%. Invest early for more lucrative returns on our gaming platform. Join now to enjoy thrilling gaming experiences and become part of the evolution of gaming with Array Monk tokens, unlocking unique advantages and early access.

Staking (First Autostaking Platform Guaranteed 130% APY)

Stake your Array Monk tokens for up to 30% APY, earning substantial returns on your investment. Boost coin stability on the exchange and contribute to the coin’s thriving growth trajectory by participating in staking. It benefits all token holders in the long run.

Early Time Stamp Mechanism

Timestamp is proportional to the time of purchase during the ArrayMonk token presale. Early buyers get lower timestamps, leading to higher cashback rewards, ranging from 2% to 10%. Investing earlier yields more lucrative returns.

The Burning Of Arraymonk Tokens

Array Monk Foundation’s vision is to create a deflationary token economy by limiting the total supply of tokens through burning. A percentage of tokens used for Al services on the platform will be burned quarterly, reducing the circulation supply.

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The All-in-One Blockchain Driven Fintech with 30% APY Staking Rewards. $AMK #AMK