Grass Roots Football

Your man who lives in a tower, hidden cunt, wants all the power

Likes green for the kids turn to pension for rust; well… what must is musty

shite for the Brother and Sister, will kill footy faster than weedkiller;

Quicker than life my old chum, it’s a life-spiller.

Buddy O’Mine knows a guy that will let you play if you don’t mind sitting on the bus all the way.

Whip a ball on the touchline, ping a shot away and hope but know

All your friends are wrapped up in a spiders hole

Hoof a ball towards the goal, minds a racing with the dreams of scoring

Guys are leaving the pitch “Let’s get on the Bandits, darling”

Since when did football become boring?

I just wanna be Beckham, bend it top corner, and have the adulation

In the morning, Blatter is here, corrupt as fuck and his rumbling machine rolls on

Dribble like Giggs, bosh it like Shearer, for us lot nothing comes nearer

Than kids playing footy and breaking windows, run away,

‘it wasn’t me mum!’

Breaking this silence that Fifa has built

We used to love the game but now we feel guilt

For loving the game that brought us together

Fight for the game, the game we loved together

‘It wasn’t me mum, it was Sepp fucking Blatter’