Goldfish, Multi-tasking and Sales Teams

Goldfish Mentality

Let’s face it, we live in a society that we unfortunately have succumbed to an average attention span of eight seconds. One less second than the average of Goldie, the fish we won after paying $25 for a ring toss game at the County Fair. Technology has provided us with efficiency, but has also decreased our concentration by four seconds over sixteen years.

How does this relate to sales? It’s easy. Companies tend to place non-sales tasks on sales members, which in turn pulls their mindset away from what they should be doing. Increasing revenue. We already struggle to concentrate as a society, so why add tasks to hinder our already diminished attention span.

Operations, Finance and Sales

When I made the transition from a sales rep to a manager to a VP to a Co-Founder, I consistently sought out mentors to help along the way.

  • *Free knowledge*- if you do not have mentors in your life, you need them. Plain and simple.

Back to the story. During my time getting my MBA, I sat down with a successful local entrepreneur to grab lunch. Before we even had food on the table, he pulled out a folder and wrote down three words, with a dividing line between each word.

Operations | Finance | Sales

He said, until you can divide these sectors of your company and stop multi-tasking in all of these areas, you will not achieve your full potential. Then he hammered home the fact that the sales team is there to sell. Anything else to distract them should be removed. Anything to make their life easier should be added.

Since then, I’ve applied that methodology to BlurtBox and things started moving fast. The day to day distractions with the sales team were diminishing and productivity was increasing.

Eight Seconds

I share this knowledge so you may begin to think about what areas are distracting you during your selling time. If it’s not sales related, get rid of it if you want to hit your full potential. As for managers, VPs, CEOs, look at the tasks you are placing on your sales team and assess them if they can be reallocated to a better silo in the company.

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