Reading, Selling, Reading More

Early on in life I hated reading. Strong statement to say, but if I had a chance, I would find anything else to do besides read. One summer day changed that though. As a Florida native, hurricanes were a normal occurrence for us and we were so graciously blessed with multiple in one summer. I remember being in my house with the power out and nowhere to go, so I decided to pick up an Ayn Rand book that I had to read for school. Three hours later, after reading under a flashlight, the power came back on and I had this weird feeling of reality kicking in. For once, I found myself lost in a book and enjoying reading. Since then the habit has grown.

I say all of this because I can sympathize with those who do not like reading. It’s a struggle to get through until you prove to yourself that you can. I love reading now. I tend to gravitate to business books, mostly venture capital, sales and business psychology books.

These books have benefitted me beyond measure in my career.

Why I Love Books

What’s better than reading a book to learn from the mistakes of others. Sounds ruthless, but people tend to write sales/business books based off previous experiences and failures. That’s honestly why I started a blog. To share my shortfalls and findings to help those accelerate their career and knowledge. The best part about reading is we can’t speed up time, but we can surely increase how fast we retain knowledge and learn from other’s mistakes. You can have four years of work experience, but have ten years of industry knowledge by reading content from industry experts.

I get asked a lot how I know so much about so many things. It’s simple, I like to read and research all topics to gain an understanding. I have a thirst for knowledge and more importantly, understanding. Over the past year, I’ve read 19 books, with 20 finishing next week. I don’t say this to brag, but to encourage those who do not like reading. I read maybe 20 books total between the ages of 12–22. (Summer reading lists weren’t my friend. I actually got a 99% plagiarism score through for a book report once, but that’s for another day.)

Maybe reading for hours isn’t your thing or your schedule doesn’t provide time for that. I recommend looking into the following:

  • Instaread
  • Blinkist
  • Industry Expert Blogs
  • Skim a book if necessary
  • Read what you’re passionate about

I know this blog hasn’t been directly correlated to sales, but I can tell you that every book I have read has assisted me in my sales career. Remember, when you read, you store that knowledge and it can be brought with you wherever you go.

Please feel free to reach out if you need book/blog recommendations and check out Sales Made Simple for more articles! Thanks!

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