Hidden (Diversity) Faces

Arron Daniels
Mar 2 · 3 min read

TL;DR — hack for getting Google Face Search and Don’t Let Yourself forget about D&I.

Have you ever used Google image search? It’s a sweet tool that Holly Fawcett spoke about this and showed us some sweet hacks to improve face search at SourceCon ATL. Kerri McKinney also wrote about this back in 2016.

I was recently asked about alternative ways to conduct D&I sourcing and Google’s face search was one of my go-to options in my arsenal. Add this type of search with a few boolean strings and you can start actively gathering a potential candidate pool. Shout out to Maisha Cannon for sharing a few killer strings like the one below that eliminates people whose last name is Black:

site:linkedin.com/in (engineer OR developer) (iOS OR Swift OR Android OR Mobile) “San Francisco” (“Black Student” OR “black engineers”).

When I went to Google to show how to use faces, it was miraculously gone. Typically, you’d search in Google, click images, tools, then faces, and presto! You’re off to the races. But this week I looked and it wasn’t there.

No face search option

So I asked a few other sourcers and Erin Mathew suggested that it might be in Advanced Image Search (why didn’t I think of that)? Nope- not there either.

No face search option in advanced image search

So after a short session of Google-Fu, I found the answer and it’s simply manipulating the url by adding “&imgtype=face” at the end of your search.

Add that little tag at the end and BOOM! It’s back. Go ahead and bookmark this link so you don’t have to mess with the URL. It has the “&imgtype=face pre-populated for you. Just search normally.

TA-DA! It’s back!

Why Use Face Search?

Changing up your own search habits can lead to awesome discoveries and shake things up a bit.

  • You can search with or without boolean to bring back valid results
  • Easy way to search outside of LinkedIn
  • Diversity & Inclusion — you can discover potentially diverse candidates

That last bullet is a big deal to me. How long has Google quietly removed face search? I only noticed by accident because face search was my first stop before digging deeper trying to always submit a diverse slate of candidates. I hadn’t intentionally focused on diversity in who knows how long, but that was long enough.

It’s Up To Us

We as Recruiters and Sourcers have a responsibility to submit diverse candidates. An organization can only start hiring an inclusive and diverse workforce if they are presented with such candidates.

It’s not just skin color. It’s everything we have (unconscious) bias about like veterans, women, education, age, and the list goes on. Studies have proven time and time again that diversity helps an organization thrive and grow. It’s all about empathy. Google faces search was just the tip of the iceberg that got me to remember that.

Good recruiters find great talent. Great recruiters don’t lower the bar — they raise it.

Arron Daniels

Written by

Just a dude in Houston with a few search strings, Army vet, and gadget lover. Advocate for #Veteran #jobseekers

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