Veterans Day is to honor the service and sacrifice of our military members. In my personal opinion, it’s become a bit fabricated. It should be planting a flag at a local VA Cemetery, flying your Old Glory at your house, volunteering at a local VFW, getting involved with IAVA, or simply getting re-connected with your old buddies you swore you’d keep in contact with.

Weather or not a business or person supports our Veteran community is their choice. It’s a free country even if other people’s decisions piss you off.

Which brings me to my point….there were quite a few articles about people not honoring Veterans by giving discounts for food, services, merchandise, etc. That doesn’t bother me one bit. What bothers me are the people who identify themselves as Veterans demanding discounts, respect, and honor. Those things are earned and given; they are not a right. Businesses and people have the choice to honor our Veterans they are not REQUIRED to do so. If they don’t (and it means that much to you), stop associating with those people and don’t support those businesses. I honestly don’t care.

It was instilled upon me long ago (and reinforced by an Infantry buddy of mine) to be a silent professional. Don’t brag about what you have accomplished to others. Leave that for the fakers and posers on Stolen Valor. What you have done is between you, your maker, and the fellow service members who were with you. Don’t tout your accomplishments, your bravery, your horrors, or successes. If people truly honored our Veteran community they would seek us out.

Wear your Veteran stripes with pride… don’t shove it into peoples faces and certainly not for a discount on a crappy burger.