So the year began….

So in about May last year, around my 25th birthday, I decided that this was the right point for me to go back to formal education. I’d been working on a number of projects in medical performance analysis, and absolutely loved it. I was given a great opportunity that allowed me to discover best practice and design and develop methods in order to analyse trainee doctors. I couldn’t have been given a better education. This, combined with my coaching background and my experience im the professional audio industry steered me towards sports performance analysis. I was already aware of the MSc offered at CMU, but didn’t feel that I was ready for the academic part that the MSc would require. Having discussed a few options with Huw Wiltshire I quickly became aware of the BSc that was in it’s second year, I applied and was accepted to jump straight in to year 2 (level 5).

Moving forward to now (Feb, 2015), it seems incredible what I have learnt in such a short space of time. This is down to a number of factors, not least the staff and facilities available.

Without it sounding arrogant, I definitley felt that I was a little bit ahead of many of my fellow students, mainly down to my experience and my attitude towards having to make the most of it, but looking around me now, I see many quickly catching up. This has probably been the best thing about this term. It not only means that I’m always having to keep on my toes, which is key to me enjoying and pushing myself, but is great to be able to bounce ideas off each other and collaborate on a more even level.

As a full time student again, I remember how easy it was to become complacent amd reliant on others around me to make me finish essays on time and so on, but being in a different phase of my life and having to hold many parts down, I question whether 18 is the right time to go in to higher education, when I feel much more ready, financially stable and hungry to learn.

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