A train trip in Cape Town tracks its way between the present and the past

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Philemon, a street performer, poses for a photo with his knobkerrie and traditional flute outside Cape Town station.

Given the theme of A Divided City for a photography assignment (in April 2018), I set out to document scenes of Cape Town’s southern railway line. These images observe the ways in which modernity has impacted how people move through different spaces in their every day lives.

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Passengers wait for the train to leave Salt River station as they commute towards Cape Town Central Business District.

The legacy of Apartheid is still visible in the geographical landscape of Cape Town as the poor continue to live in the urban periphery, away from job opportunities and amenities of the city centre. The railway network of the City of Cape Town is a contentious space when current debates of infrastructure and lack of urban integration are considered. This is due to its nature in history as a physical separator of people — which was further enforced under Apartheid (“aparthood”). As an essential component for a diverse and fully functioning city such as Cape Town, the railway network has shown to deteriorate over the past years. …

Yasser Booley seated comfortably at a restaurant in Cape Town
Yasser Booley seated comfortably at a restaurant in Cape Town
Seated Comfortably — South African photographer Yasser Booley (Image: Arron Moos)

“I believe real change happens from one person to the next. Development and growth, as a person, comes from looking beyond the hype. I think authenticity comes through when what you do has meaning, it reflects in the work and people will intrinsically recognise that.”

Fuelled by a fascination with the intricacies of narrative and a profound love for taking photos, South African photographer, Yasser Booley, has recorded and captured his own perception of encounters with people, environments and events for just over two decades. Best articulated in his recently launched photographic book, South Africa at Liberty, an eclectic selection of images highlight the contrasting wealth of life found in a country dealing with vast inequalities as it transitions out of Apartheid. …


Arron Nathan Moos

Hopeful, eclectic and curious. I’m a photographer, beathead and film fanboy pursuing interests in creative strategy — see arronnathan.com

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