Model Physicist
Yangyang Cheng

I think many women over the years have gone through the same thing. I wonder sometimes at the way of the world. Even as there are many countries which deny opportunities to women there are more each year attempting to encourage them and I hope this trend will continue. I also hope more women are able to realize just because someone says you can or can not be something does not mean anything. Only you can decide your choice, your path, your life. This is a very inspirational story and makes me very glad the science field is not completely closed to those whom desire to follow their dreams.

I am still in pursuit of my own dream of being an artist while my own mother wanted me to be a teacher and or a math major and my father wanted me to be a chemist. I assure him I am a chemist as I am a cook and as for being a teacher I have also been this as I raised two children whom I continue to day to attempt to teach and give the tools they need to make it in this world. The reality of not knowing each story of each person is valid. We do not know what goes on in the minds of those around us even though we are told we should be aware at all times. I have little empathy for most people as I have never really understood the judgmental way people tend to treat each other based on race, creed, class, religion, sex, and or lifestyles.

I do judge those whom stand on the corner begging for money even as I judge those whom continue to give them money.

Interesting article and I hope ten or twenty years from now I read where this particle solves some issue of science and is proven to be useful for the betterment of the human condition.

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