Time is…

Sunday, August 21, 2016
10:45 PM

Relative to each person each object and each realm of reality.

A=Person, object, realm
C= relationship
 — — — — — — — — — — — — — -when C is the past it is a continuation of the future as it is being remembered rather than experienced again unless it’s a movie and then it falls into the realm of reality.
For some people the world stops at a certain time ie a bomb goes off and a part is left in brain matter. The world stops for that person and reboots to some degree however..idk.. I think sometimes time stops for everyone at certain points when they are very still and listen to the world around them and observe more than participate in it. Sort of like a picture is a frozen moment of time put on paper..
And with direct relationship to gravity and the pull of the sun and the rotation of the planets we as humans have made time a part of our life in such a manner we fail to notice it slows or speeds with relationship to the known universes, space and other things which we fail to notice.
If no one hears the tree but the tree falls the sound is a force reaction from the tree hitting the ground which is to say for every action there is a reaction regardless if it is heard seen felt or noticed or not. Energy is in many ways the same way. Just because we fail to see hear feel or notice does not mean the action or the reaction does not take place. My father says I am crazy and should go back to school. I laugh and say its ok. I do not care what they think. I know things which may not be true for others but are for myself. 
And so if they are true for me then more than likely they are true for others even if they do not know it. 
Like when a germ is born, do you know or notice it invading your body? Do you only notice after it has taken hold and spread causing you to sneeze or cough or your core temperature to rise? 
Energy and time have direct influences even as force and or gravity. Each human is a small factory where energy is created, burned and or used depending on the ability of the dna to conform to the environment to which it is introduced.
The atomic structure of the cells combined with the environment and time.. This is what creates life as we know it and also destroys life as we know it. 
To prove is to live and to live is to prove what? And so the flow of time becomes a different question more about purpose and meaning of life than of actually trying to define what time is as it is different for each and all. Ask the butterfly or the turtle or the tree standing what time really is other than the ability currently to measure like a ruler measures paper only in steps and in noise and in observational skills and movement or action. Thus the movement of the sun across the sky sometimes takes 12 hours and sometimes it takes more or less depending on what angle you are in direct relationship to it, and while many judge or limit themselves by the measurements as large companies use the ages of people to determine their worth and or to determine if they are of use or not to train and or to teach they limit themselves and those around them by these measurements. 
Ah look at the time.. I guess I should go now. :)