The Perfect Day In Hong Kong For Nature Lovers

Tales of Hong Kong conjure up images of a bustling city with neon lights. Hong Kong certainly has plenty of fantastic city life to offer, but it’s also home to an unrivaled expanse of outdoor spaces, parks, and natural wonders. In fact, almost 70% of Hong Kong’s land is wildlife and greenspace. If you’re a fan of all things sunny and outdoorsy, here’s where to go in Hong Kong to have your dreamiest day yet. Pack your water, sunscreen, and lots of energy — you’re going to need it!

Early Morning

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Make the most of your day by getting up with the sun to explore Lantau Island. The largest island in Hong Kong, Lantau is full of both natural and manmade wonders. You’ll start with a morning stroll along the Wisdom Path, a peaceful walk with monuments that feature words of the Buddhist Heart Sutra prayer. If you’re feeling extra energetic when you finish the path, spend half an hour hiking the adjacent trail up to beautiful Lantau Peak.

Tea Time

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Rejuvenate from your early walk with a tea and breakfast break at Li-Nong Tea House in nearby Ngong Ping Village. The tea house is known for its innovative creations of artisanal flower tea and holds half a dozen patents in tea techniques. It makes for a delightful experience — and a great snap for Instagram, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The tea house is a just a stone’s throw away from the Tian Tan Buddha. Take a quick jaunt up the staircase to the top of the peak to see the Buddha up close and personal. You’ll also get the chance to soak in the views of the nearby tram and monastery.


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Wrap up your time on Lantau Island with an early lunch in the traditional fishing village of Tai O. Check out the village’s fresh fish, stilt houses, and vibrant waterways — Tai O is called “the Venice of Hong Kong” for a reason! — as you fuel up at Solo Balcony. You’d be hard pressed to find fresher seafood than what they’ve got on offer.

Siesta Commute

Grab a cab for a ride across Hong Kong to Sai Kung, on the edge of the region’s UNESCO Global Geopark. (The long distance of the ride makes it more of a splurge than your average cab ride, so prep accordingly.) If the morning has you beat, squeeze in a backseat nap on the way.


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Start your afternoon in Sai Kung Town, a lively community on the edge of the Geopark. From there, take a leisurely hike along High Island Reservoir, one of the most notable sites of the park that are reachable by foot. (Bring your water bottle!) You’ll get a front-row peek at gorgeous volcanic pillars, rocky cliffs, and the South China Sea.

After that, take a break at much-lauded Long Ke Beach, one of the most pristine stretches of shoreline in Hong Kong. You’ll feel like you’ve been dropped straight into the Maldives while lounging on the sugary sand. We told you Hong Kong is a nature lover’s paradise! (You can even camp on the beach if you’re feeling extra dedicated.)


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Head back to Sai Kung and roam what’s known as Seafood Street, a waterfront stretch of fresh seafood restaurants to suit every taste. Treat yourself to a well-deserved dinner at one of Chuen Kee’s balcony tables — or take a casual wander down the promenade and choose an eatery on the spot.

Hong Kong is a whole lot more than a busy city — and its natural scenery is looks like it’s straight out of a postcard. Hong Kong has everything you need to end your day with the satisfying kind of exhaustion you can only experience after hours in the fresh air exploring the outdoors — you know the feeling. It’s all there waiting for you, and it’s just beyond the skyscrapers.

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