Where’s a woman’s place?

Today’s world is changing. Its going nonstop and new things are coming at us. Here’s an old question for you though, where is a woman’s place? In the kitchen? Cleaning the house? Forget all that. It’s 2016 and I believe that women should peruse any career they want.

Right now, in the field of engineering, there are very minimal women working in a field that is supposedly for men. I think that women should have equal opportunities in these places as men do. But that just isn’t the case. In a job, where it is mostly male driven, there are many times that a woman is looked down upon or not given the same chances a man is because they are female.

I have experienced this first hand in my FIRST robotics club at my school. We had a person on the team who strictly only gave the guys jobs to do and didn’t ever talk to the girls, even if they had the same ability level. He would always wait for a male to come into the room and tell him the problem, when I could’ve fixed it. I don’t think he was doing this intentionally, but it is something that happens in a lot of places.

In a field of all males, there are a lot of comments made that women just need to ignore. The men are going to be men and you can’t change that, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it and let it hold you back from pursuing what you want to do in life.

I believe that the gender gap in this area should be closed and I think that we are moving toward an era where it will be. This year on Highland’s robotics team there will be two female leaders leading the team and there are many all girl teams popping up around the US. I think with some work we can make this happen and the gap will close soon, but women need to work towards it and men need to be more welcoming. They can’t just hog engineering all to themselves, women should get some fun too!