2015 —Letter: A Question of Stubborn Reality

Dear Earth,

Good Evening. 2015 has seen its last sunlight today. And as the world sets itself to gracefully welcome the New Year, let us rekindle our understanding of the most intricate relationship we have shared with you over the last year.

Resolutions are in order, the year is 2014, the date is December 31st. The word resolution single worded-ly explains how the totality of the Homo sapiens promises itself a new hope every year on the same date. Turning a time-stone, year after year; 2015 was anticipated, acknowledged, procured and as real-time stands now, SPENT!

I have had my share of criticisms about New Year resolutions. Every year, I see people make promises to themselves, only to see them shut-in a couple of weeks later. I am no different. I have it on good authority I have spent considerable periods of time on projects; self-procured or otherwise, only to see them end up as just another idea in my brain-bin.

I understand that you bear witness to each and every incident, resolution, promise, and event given out by each of us as it happens on your own skin. If I were you, I would probably laugh on these resolutions as they go down the dumpster one by one.

However, tonight, I am not here to laugh. I am here to try to advocate how these failed projects and just another ideas have helped shape our understanding going forward into time. As if we endured, just like you, through all the turmoil and came together at instances to glorify our own potential claim as the most intelligent form of life.

What is so peculiar about humans is their struggle for ultimate stubbornness.

Not convinced?

To think of it, those who have some sense of evolution and have a tad bit of optimism (read: unbiased reality check), would not deny that 2015, as a year, can be counted as an exponential expression of the small step Life has taken every year since its inception 4.1 billion years.

The next obvious question would be: If so many people promised and made resolutions last year, and then failed, as I said before, how do we do it?

How do we evolve, despite failure?

Enter: Stubbornness.

You see, humans have an innate instinct of survival. Thank you Darwin. But they also have an acquired instinct of being stubborn about it. In fact, they are proud of it.

Why yes, our resolutions go down the dumpster every year. But in our struggle, we tend to shift our mind toward another set of goals, which albeit having no promising fruition to our perceived self; serves a better incentive to our real self.

How can I claim that?


In our subconscious mind, we think of decisions, we tend to make choices; we evaluate, we try to quantify, we try to justify, and if it still does not make sense, we go on to do it.

Just to see why it does not work in your head.

In that struggle, we open another small window of our Self.

The Questioning Self, as we may call it. It inspires to inhabit all parts of your Self; self-proclaimed as the most intellectually advanced Self in all of the known archetypes of our own self; second to your Imaginary Friend, of course.

The trigger? Stubbornness.

Take past year for example.

For every act that defined the brutality of our ignorance, be it Boko Haram’s havoc in Africa or ISIS in Europe and Middle East, we took a step forward to kindle the warmth in our hearth.

We watched; we stood by; we took action where we deemed fit;

We made choices; we explored our options;

We generated techniques to make our lives simpler; we created machines to fulfill our needs.

We built batteries.

We built solar farms.

We also made nuclear warheads. Hello Iran!

We went to war.

We stood in silence.

We died in our conformity; while we were still very much alive in our dreams.

We faced oblivion in our neighboring spaces;

We found water on your cousin Mars.

We explored the Arctic Ice Shelfs;

We flew by different, distant worlds.

We discovered exoplanets;

When we were shaken off by the heights of Everest; (Thanks to Women in Jeans)*

We dived deep into the Atlantic Ocean.

We mourned the acts of Terrorism in Paris;

We celebrated the Expo Milano.

We boomed our economies realities;

We bankrupted our clubs. Bye Bye Parma!

We broke the internet; we crashed our own technological innovations; we created applications and gadgets.

We socialized;

We networked;

We lived;

We died.

We prayed;

We sang;

We danced;

I wrote.

Yes, it is indeed true we lost a great deal of our population by intimidating differences; we lost some by your acts of geophysical changes. We also lost some great men. We lost Saruman and we lost A Beautiful Mind in Nash. We lost Sacks, Abdullah and Ciccolini. But we learnt to reattribute our differences, took our chances and instilled ourselves with support that has evolved as we have evolved.

Our realities and truths, our conditionality and biases, our secrets and lies, our conventional rationalities, our logical fallacies, our regrets, our complexities, our decisions, and our laws are not hidden.

But we are so perfectly ignorant about it, it’s almost magical!

We can gladly claim that we also tried to understand and discover the same sets of ideas over and over again; ours and yours both.

We debated artificial intelligence in a pivotal matter of modern warfare; while we continuously tried recreating the birth of our universe at the Large Hadron Collider.

And as if Blatter and Platini’s corruption scandal was not enough, we are on the verge of seeing the presumed World’s Greatest Economy having Presidential candidates with Mental Health issues.

We fought Ebola. We found out AIDS and Cancer cells can kill each other. And while the world celebrated same sex marriage’s legalization and Caitlyn Jenner, Cuba became the first country to eradicate HIV transmission from mother-to-child.

As if Hubble was not enough, we are halfway through in construction of James Webb Space Telescope.

All of this, and a lot more happened, in our stubbornness.

We failed, too. But we took a little step, in opening the small windows in the entirety of Cosmos.

A step forward.

And as we draw blanks again on our New Year Resolutions for 2016, our basic innate struggle for ultimate stubbornness dictates, that by dawn tomorrow morning,

We would still be aspiring to understand all there is, to learn to understand all there was, and to practice to predict all there will be.

Each year many of us go through some moments, 3 seconds, where in our stubbornness and absence of obscurity in rational thought, we think of inspiring innovations which broadens our horizons.

We look forward to conversations, meaningful exchanges which transcends the social barriers and breaks our myths about the simpler nodes of Human Life.

We yearn for a tolerating, pluralistic civilization which combats ignorance; not just terrorism.

We look for a space where we can prioritize our essentials and utilize our potential to appreciate intelligence.

We tend to live by intuitive resonance; to contribute our ideas for goodwill which can help strengthen harmony within differences.

We prefer to idealize esoteric interpretations of readings, giving meaning to structures and symbols which reflect our circumstances and perceptions.

We open our heart to the wonders of this universe and to engage our minds to comprehend existence beyond what we perceive it to be.

We want to think about what it is To Be and how it transforms us To Being.

We travel to a destination where we seek answers to questions about our own walls of reason and sanity.

We write our own readings, only to sing them later on in enclosed spaces.

We dance to the arc of our galaxy while talking to our own self.

We illustrate our thoughts to transfuse our ideas to other.

We imagine Time.

We empower our means.

We understand our solitude.

We control our emotions.

We forgive our madness.

We drive our passions.

We project our fears.

We redeem our life.

We radiate our compassion.

We sleep just to see another day, only to wake up to the wisdom of an alarm bell.

We aim to be alive in a World which is dreamt to perfection.

While, looking for the truth of our modalities on a shared Earth.

Sailing into the nurture of reality, mystery and secrets of the Universe.

Drifting away, in Time, into the vast carelessness of the dark distant horizon of the Cosmos.

Dear World, the Earth, the Universe and the Cosmos

Let us raise our chalices for 2016;

To Humanity; To Happiness; To Hope; and to Home.

Your’s stubbornly,

Prime Intellect,

Homo sapiens,


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