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A few days ago I found a good project, the project raised the issue of families of immigrants. Of course, a project aimed at immigrants is good. Considering that an immigrant is not the same as a native of the country. They come to the country to seek refuge, seeking a prosperity that they may not feel in their home country. Instead of a too long opening, let’s tie a topic. Here you can see one of our videos.

LaLa World (“LALA”) concerns migrants and their low-income families. Its ECOSYSTEM, supported by LaLa Wallet as PLATFORM, represents a single platform for registration, which includes their problems and problems. Employment problems, digital identities, community building, partnerships between governments and NGOs, health problems and, of course, a new financial ecosystem for a huge low-income population by using a revolutionary revolution to bridge the gap between the money, digital and cryptic world.

LaLa is a universal purse of a new generation, based on chains of aetherums and hypersectors, allowing investors to benefit from the growth of the blockade, and also because of insufficient funding in the financial ecosystem. By creating a completely new peer-to-peer ecosystem, LaLa aims to revolutionize the transactions of individuals, small businesses and microentrepreneurs, make payments, take money and related products such as insurance, domestic and cross-border money transfers, cards and other general banking products,

What is LaLa World

The core of the “Wallet” platform is the LALA token, which allows unlimited transfers and payments for various transactions and services. The LALA wallet also includes third-party APIs so that they can interact with the wallet, balance access, send transactions, invoices, and create other third-party applications at the top. This will further improve the capabilities and use of LALA Wallet. Third-party API APIs will create more partners that can distribute LALA services around the world to strengthen this network.

ID LALA — one global identifier, in a block chain and under your control

The rationale for your LALA wallet begins with creating a digital identity that you can wear globally — LALA ID. The LALA team has a vision — to give everyone a digital identity on the planet, starting with migrants and their unsuitable families. We also believe that if we need to create a truly global ecosystem, we need a basic identification system that far exceeds the existing identification system. It should be global, but safe, private and available on demand.

The LALA team and its partners worked tirelessly to create a global identification system that includes KYC / AML, biometrics, verification, digitization of notes, cards, national identification systems, etc. This protects your security on the block chain and gives you the freedom to perform various finances. service, all in one Wallet. In particular, your only LALA identifier will be able to consolidate all physical and digital identifiers into secure, personal identification, pointing to reliable reliable data sets of individuals, which allows you to easily interact individually in the physical and digital world in several vertical applications. and to praise the existing solutions for identification.

Transfer of LALA

The LALA management team and its partners are one experienced crew who have been working in wallets, money exchanges, money transfers and credit business for more than 10 years in more than 15 different countries. In addition to reliable experience and excellent networks, we also created an excellent cryptographic offer “LALA Transfer” for effective, cheaper and faster service of money transfers around the world.

The wallet LALA, LALA ID and LALA Token are the main parts of the LALA World ecosystem. The LALA wallet provides smooth operation on board, ID LALA creates an easy check, AML / KYC and LALA Token provide a unified mechanism for users, partners, agents / money transfer operators to be quickly and cheaply transferred to communities both within the country and across borders.

LALA Lends

Over the past five years, the number of peers and micro-lending has dramatically decreased. But if we look around, especially the developed countries and companies that have turned into unicorns, and the industry has promised to eradicate poverty, offering low-level loans to people who have historically found themselves financially.

The so-called “bottom-pyramidal” solution led to a strategy according to which many claims do not work, but a worsening of poverty. It is here that the ecosystem approach becomes very useful. The LALA team has a lot of experience in reducing this. LALA World supports individuals and small and medium-sized businesses, offering


In LALA Wallet, users can choose the LALA Card order, virtual and / or physical debit (and credit card time in the future). As a security measure, we allow users to lock and unlock it through the LALA Wallet application. In addition, the user can also set limits for members of his family and synchronize all cards with the same Wallet. This makes our system more secure than traditional credit and debit card systems.

Blockchain and LALA Tokens become very important, because users can synchronize several cards with the same LALA purse, which can then be used as a Fiat and Crypto exchange medium without any high fees for such transfers at any time. In addition, we will also have a loyalty mechanism associated with the LALA card, so the more you use your wallet, the more you will be rewarded as having a LALA token.

LALA kit

LALA has a unique offer, especially for areas where there is no place where we developed MVP hardware for greater penetration. In the future, it will also be sold at local corner stores, shops and partner locations.

The software can not solve all the problems, and the equipment must become part of creating a truly global platform — Steve Jobs

A set of LALA for everyone. Small businesses, grocery stores, non-banking or migrant workers. Purchase the LALA kit from the nearest store or partner and immediately log into the financial system. Lack of integration into the bank, filling out the form, lack of long queues, activating your ID and synchronizing with the phone inside, using, paying, receiving money. LALA kits can also be ordered online and delivered directly to you at a very affordable price. For example, a migrant worker may even receive a LALA Kit before proceeding to a plane from Bangladesh to Malaysia.

The LALA team

Founder and CEO: Sankalp Shangari 
Past experience: Deutsche, JP Morgan, InstantPay, deep experience in banking and payment systems, block-speaker, author of 
COO: Susheel Pathania 
Past experience: Bertelsmann, Convergys, Teleperformance, RechargeItNow, InstantPay 
Strategy and corporate development: Prakash Somosundaram 
Past experience: Serial entrepreneur, Fintech Influencer, Ecosystem builder, Advisor SG Gov, Strategy “Heart of Lala” in the world 
Linkedin: https: //
Head of money transfer department: Ravi Pan dit
Past experience: Director — Investor Relations Century21, MBM Holding, India Vision Foundation, SBK Oil & Gas 
CRO (Chief Income Officer): Ranjit Kumar 
Past Experience: JCB India Ltd, Polyplex, Syscom Corporation, Morpho Group


Ari Paul is co-founder of BlockTower Capital. Angel Investor. Former Prime Minister for 
Linkedin Uchikago :
Luc Sully — Hyperledger, a 
Linkedin expert : /
Thomas McAlister — Wizard Blockchain, banknote reserve Several patents of 
Nitin Bhatia — Director of Bridgelink Advisors, Tata Capital 
Linkedin: https: //www.linkedin .com / in / nitin-bhatia-36180410 /
Han Kul Park — X BosCoin, owner of Blockchain 
Cheng Wei Ng — CorpZap Pte Ltd, massive collective events, Dev Hse 
Ajay Bhatia — Chairman, the largest Wings Money Transfer Network 
Location: Singapore | India | Malaysia | Dubai

Official information about LALA:

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