Hey Folks! Super short one today 😃.

Myself and @MarwanSulaiman were on GoTime a few weeks ago talking about Go Modules, Go Proxies, Athens, and more. Come have a listen, and then join us in the #athens channel in the Gophers Slack Group. We’d love to talk to you whether you’d like to ask questions, get involved with the project, or just come say hi 😃. Absolutely everybody is welcome.

See you there, and keep on rockin’!

Hey folks! A short one for today.

TL;DR: We the Athens maintainers have set up this calendar so that everyone who wants to come to a dev meeting can look and/or subscribe, and they’ll always know when the next dev meeting time is, in their time zone.

New developments on the developer meetings!

We’ve gone through a few different things with our developer meetings:

  • We decided to meet at different times every week, so that more people might be able to make it
  • I created a Meetup Group for folks to join and be reminded of the meetings
  • I’m trying to tweet more before the meeting…

Recently, the Go team announced a global module mirror, along with several other public services like a module index and checksum database.

If you don’t feel like reading the rest of this post, just remember this 😄

Since Athens is a module proxy (also called a module repository), this release was of course really interesting for the Athens community. There was a good amount of discussion and some concerns in #athens, so I want to talk about all of that here!

Will Athens and the Global Mirror Work Together?

Yup, in fact, they’ll work together very well.

Athens is a community driven, open source project that you can run for your private code. You can also run it as a mirror for public…

Shortly after we released Athens v0.3.0 (codename “Medusa” 😃), one of our awesome community members found a memory issue in our Minio storage driver. Oh noes!

Athens + minio doesn’t leak memory anymore, yay!

Lots of folks banded together quickly after the initial report, started debugging, and tested a fix, and pretty soon, we merged PR #1107 and released v0.3.1 to fix the memory leak for everyone!

If you use the minio storage driver with Athens, please upgrade to the v0.3.1 release.

If you’re using Docker containers to run Athens, we’ve published the new gomods/athens:v0.3.1 container for your use.

As we harden our release process, we’re going to…

Back in 2017, I gave a talk at GopherCon about doing functional programming with Go. I went up on stage and talked about some FP basics like Functors, higher-order functions and so on. I heard some feedback that doing FP in Go isn’t practical until Go has generics (fret not, folks, contracts are on the table!).

It’s true that contracts will be a huge boon for functional Go code, but there’s lots of functional programming we can do in Go without generics.

You can take a Gopher’s red stapler, but you can never take their functional programming

You don’t need generics to do FP in Go.


When I started writing that talk in 2017, I…

Hey Gophers!

I want you to submit a proposal to talk at GopherCon 2019.

… and I want you to start now because the Call for Proposals is only open until January 31st!

Submit a proposal, you say? Let’s talk a little bit about that.

The official Gopher for GopherCon San Diego. Credit Ashley McNamara for the graphic, and the Gopher is attributed to Renee French

But I Could Never Speak At GopherCon!

Yes, you could. All those “superstars” you see up on the stage? They submitted talks through the same form as you do. You can submit, and you can get accepted.

In fact, we love new speakers. All things being equal, we tend to prefer new-to-GopherCon speakers over speakers who have already spoken.

But I Might Not Get Accepted :(

We really want…

As you might have read, Google recently announced some of their plans for Go modules in 2019. And because I’m obsessed with module proxies/registries/repositories (more on the naming of these things in a future post), I paid special attention to the announcements about the services they’re launching in 2019. I’m happy that Google is stepping up in a big way to help dependency management in the Go ecosystem.

I’ll be writing more in future posts about how Athens works with this new stuff, but I’m focusing here on the Athens community.

Obviously none of the opinions in here necessarily reflect…

I had heard about acr build when it came out and didn’t pay much attention to it. I was like “I don’t wanna send my whole build context over the internet that’s crazy.” That was kinda a facepalm in retrospect because it’s kinda sorta my job to keep up on Azure things that are container related.

This gopher is ready to build some docker images!

Anyway, now that I actually looked at this thing, I have some feels and codes!

I was looking at Brian’s acrtasks repo the other day and really learned what Azure Container Registry tasks are about. You run acr build and the CLI zips up…

I started the Go Study Group and Athens both about 6 months ago. I did each for super different reasons, but I wanted both to have strong communities. The people are what keeps these communities alive. Not me, not the technology, nothing else. It’s the people. And that’s why I’m so insistent on strong communities.

Today we’re going into Buffalo resources.

The TL;DR on these things is that you can wire up your DB all the way through to your frontend with not that much code. Check it out in all its glory here:

Enjoy, and keep on rockin, Gophers!

If you enjoy these screencasts, please consider becoming a backer and supporting this project. Cool stickers and more await you if you do!

Aaron Schlesinger

Gopher, containerizer, and Kubernetes-er

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