Project Athens: Now with More “Working”

Last Friday, a group of contributors got together for some pairing (which we also live streamed!) and got the big kahuna (and a bunch more stuff!) finished up and closed.

Get your GOPROXY on!

As you probably saw on Twitter and my previous posts, that issue was the main thing blocking us from having go get working on a running proxy.

Now that we have it done, go get, go build, and go install all work against the proxy (i.e. GOPROXY is set and points to the proxy). At least for a small and medium sized project.

You can try all this stuff out now, but it’s a little rough — docs are coming to make that easier. We have a v0.0.1 release out now (our first release 🎉!) and I’m so excited we’ve reached this point.

While we get our documentation in order, come join us and learn all about what’s coming.

Keep on rockin’

— Aaron

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