Great post Aaron.
Joe Timmons

Thanks Joe. I haven’t tried Fargate, but have some experience in the “serverless containers” area. I work on the team on Azure that developed Azure Container Instances — Azure’s rough equivalent.

I just clicked the “Get Started with AWS Fargate” button at and the link took me to the ECS console. I Googled around a bit and found this article that indicates that you create an ECS cluster first, and then can launch containers onto the cluster right alongside ECS tasks (rough equivalent to a Kubernetes pod).

So my impressions are that Fargate is good for folks wanting to get up and running quickly with containers on AWS. If you care, they’re not truly serverless because you still own the ECS cluster that the containers run on. That could be good and bad, and depends on your use case.

Finally, I like that the article I referenced earlier said that Fargate is going to get support for EKS (their new hosted Kubernetes service). I love Kubernetes, so that’s the first reason. But second, I think it’d be nice if they let you launch a container on your Kubernetes cluster with one command on the CLI — without having to write YAML, etc… That could be a super gentle introduction to Kubernetes for folks who just got a Kubernetes, don’t care about it at all, and really want to just see what containers are all about. We shall see I guess!

Hope that helps.