The Doors Go Has Opened

Go is bringing Gotham, and distributed systems, out of the darkness. Credit Ashley McNamara and Renee French
  • Kubernetes: a container orchestrator used in production by large companies to run distributed services. Other companies have been started around building, hosting and supporting this software
  • etcd: a strongly consistent key/value store. It’s used in mission critical distributed systems and in practice has become the open-source equivalent of Google’s Chubby. It’s a central component of Kubernetes
  • Docker: the most popular container runtime on the market right now. Also a central component of Kubernetes


Whatever you’re building, you focus on building it. Go already figured out the tooling for you

A Single Binary

Just ship a binary to your server and you’re done

  • etcdctl: the CLI for etcd
  • kubectl: the CLI for Kubernetes
  • docker: the CLI for the Docker server
  • dep: the CLI for the new Golang package manager


Instead of wrestling with threads, you put 'go’ in front of a function and it’s running concurrently

Garbage Collection

We can have a systems programming language and GC at the same time

  1. Nothing will ever be easier than not having to think about memory
  2. We can “sit in the middle” and build a systems programming language with GC

Standard Library

The ethos is all about agreeing on ideas, codifying them, and reusing them

  • io.Reader and io.Writer are the ways to “pipe” data across function boundaries. These interfaces are probably the most implemented across the entire Go ecosystem
  • context is the way to provide cancellation, timeout, and value propagation semantics to goroutines
  • error is the way to return and describe errors from functions


Go will become the standard programming language for several large domains in software engineering




Gopher, containerizer, and Kubernetes-er

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Aaron Schlesinger

Aaron Schlesinger

Gopher, containerizer, and Kubernetes-er

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