Несмотря на рост популярности и понимание методологий управления проектами, включая Agile, многие люди часто путаются в определении кем он хочет стать или кого ищет компания себе в штат. В случае Project Manager, Product Owner и Product Manager вы, наверное, сталкивались с путаницей в понимании ролей и обязанностей сотрудников.

Итак, попробуем…

Designed by LUKRUM

If you got into crypto trading to earn money, you’re in the right place.

But even if turning a profit trading Bitcoin is easy, sticking to your strategy might not always be. That’s because crypto makes it tempting to make sudden moves, and reading contradictory cryptocurrency market predictions doesn’t make it any easier. …

Designed by LUKRUM

The most secure cryptocurrency tracker and portfolio management app, now available for iOS.

Kepler Technologies has just introduced LUKRUM, a crypto portfolio tracker app designed to help users with valuable insights on the most profitable trading strategies. This free, secure and user-centric application comes with numerous attractive features including access…

EOS Portfolio provides a quick, easy, and fun way to track EOS tokens & airdrops. Users take control and manage all accounts in one place. The application is absolutely free & secure.

Designed by EOS portfolio

The new EOS Portfolio Tracker app, launched October 22nd at App Store, is making life easier for the cryptocurrency’s holders. Available on iOS and Google Play, EOS Portfolio Tracker makes allows users to manage and track their cryptocurrency assets from the comfort of their smartphone.

While there are a number…

Arsenii Veriho

Product Marketing Manager

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