Growth Hacking Your App Ratings

App ratings and reviews play a major role in your app discovery and downloads. By having good ratings, people will trust your app more and thereby download it.

Getting users to rate your app is very challenging. Most people do not rate apps, and typically the ones which do either hate your app or love it. Very few in between.

Good ol’ Rate App Alert

The good ol’ tactic of asking the user to rate your app. This tactic is old, but it works if asked at the right time. Lets first state the obvious. Asking it right in the beginning when the user just downloaded your app, is plain ol’ dumb. Why ask them to rate your app if they haven’t even used your app?

Ask the alert after the user had a chance to use your app for some period of time. For example, ask the alert after the user used your app for 5 times over a period of 3 days.

Asking at the positive experience moment

The goal is to try to get your app rated positively right? Well, that is where some creativity has to happen as to when to ask for the alert.

Try to position the alert at a moment in time when the user is experiences something positive in your app. This will increase the chances of a positive review.

Reward for a rating

Ok ok.. this is borderline black hat tactic. So you need to be careful on how you do it, to ensure you meet all the guidelines of Apple.

The text of the alert shouldn’t encourage your user to give you a 5-star. This is frowned upon by Apple. Besides, users hate that since it’s like telling them what to do. If your app is of high quality, you will get the 5-star naturally from the user.

Giving the user some type of a reward in exchange for a review, is dependent on the features of your app. It’s not always about making money from the user, sometimes a review from the user can translate into more downloads.

Unfortunately tracking if the user has actually provided the review isn’t possible; However, the user too doesn’t know that usually! But you are in a higher advantage since you are the developer. As good practice, assume that the user reviewed the app, if the user tapped on “Yes” on the alert.

Ask how they like the app

This is a recent one which is kinda creative. The idea behind this is to create your own UI asking what the user thinks of the app. If they rate if more than 4 stars, then redirect them to the app store so they can write the review there, otherwise just tell them Thank you. Yeah, its kinda sneaky, but it will increase the chances of you getting high ratings.

In summary, ratings and reviews play a big role. If you do it creatively, it can help your ranking go up and gain more organic downloads.