4 Things To Look For When Shopping For The Perfect Suit

When I was younger, I never thought that I’d be sharing any type of clothing tips in my lifetime. However, my daily uniform is basically a suit, so throughout the years, I’ve certainly had some good and bad ones. I’m becoming much smarter when shopping, and that is why I’m sharing my tips with readers. Maybe this can help others avoid those terrible suit mistakes.

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Classic is always in style.

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It might be tempting to follow the trends with clothing, but I’ve found that the best suits are usually a classic style. Most people will not buy suits on a consistent basis, so it is important to buy something that is going to stay in style for a long period of time. Trends can come and go, and all that leaves you is with a suit you are too embarrassed to take out of the closet.

Not only are classics suits nice, but they can be used for any type of occasion as well. If you opt for a less conventional suit, it might not be acceptable for certain situations.

First suit? Consider gray.

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I am constantly asked by people just entering the workforce on color choices when it comes to suits. I am fortunate enough to have quite a few different colors in my closet right now, but the one I am consistently turning to happens to be gray. It makes sense, because it is a neutral color that can fit into so many different occasions.

Other classic color choices like black and blue certainly have their purpose, but a gray suit is the most versatile one of them all. Not only does it naturally fit into just about any occasion, but it is easy to accessorize as well. Many different colors of shoes can be used, whereas black suits pretty much need black shoes, and those same black shoes can never, ever be used with a blue suit (seriously, if you learn nothing else from this article, don’t ever where black shoes with a blue suit).

Tailoring is worth it.

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Suit shopping is something that is going to be relatively expensive, so adding the fact that a tailor is needed is something that nobody wants to hear. If on a strict budget, finding a cheaper suit and then paying for a tailor is better than an expensive suit that is not tailored.

It is easy to spot a suit that just does not fit properly. It can make a person’s body look strange. Don’t rely on a suit that is straight off the rack. That little bit of an investment can go a long way towards really coming off a lot more professional.

When going to a tailor, the focus should be on making the suit fit your body type. For bulkier men, a fitted suit can slim things down. Skinnier men have a little bit more wiggle room, but a great tailor will be able to make any suit work well for an individual.

Stick with wool and avoid synthetic blends.

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A wool suit is warm, versatile, durable and overall attractive. While a lot of other materials are out there for suits, including synthetic blends, a wool suit is still king. Why you may ask? It all comes down to the fabric. There is something specifically soft and comfortable with wool that synthetic blends can’t get right. Not only is wool softer, but more durable in the end.