I would say this one time and then throughout the blog READING is the only way through.

“Books shouldn’t be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage.”

If you don’t like reading books then you haven’t found the right book. Let’s talk about what strategy you should apply in order to crack the CAT VARC section. The first thing for this section is start early and then consistency is the key. So for beginners here is a guide that might guide you a bit towards tackling this section.

Before we get into the thick of things, let’s understand the CAT pattern. So basically the CAT VARC section has two parts: the Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability. There were 16 questions on RC and 8 questions of Verbal Ability. You would require to get around 15 questions right and let us consider we are attempting 20 questions so we will have about 40 marks which is enough to get a 99 percentile and the major contributing factor here will be RC questions.

Reading will get you places. This is true for this section. As we have established majority of our marks will come from this section so if you are poor at reading then there is always time to improve. So the first thing you should get out of your mind is that reading is boring. It is not, the first thing is you need to sit yourself down and think of things that you are interested in, for example football. Now you have watched a match and if you are fanatic like me you would want to watch the tactical analysis but instead of watching a video read an article about the same. It will be a bit difficult in the beginning but you will start enjoying the process. Then I would suggest you to go read books. I think I should explain the reason for this. One section for CAT is 40mins and where you should have full concentration not just for one section but for two hours. Now let’s consider you are reading a book and make sure you are reading for at least one hour a day so if we say consider you did this for a month, now you at least have the stamina to read one hour without getting distracted. CAT is the marathon you are going to run, you will require countless practice runs before the marathon and then later you also want to improve your time which will require even more effort. But there is one silver lining to preparing for VARC; it won’t be boring if you change your perspective. Reading is fun, try out different genres like fictional books, novels, horror, thrillers and even motivational books(only sometimes) to spice things up. But you get to move in a world that is completely new, enjoy victories, feel the losses, learn new things and most important of all have a great experience reading the book. As Iron Man said “ Part of the journey is the end”. So enjoy the journey of prepping for one of the difficult exams.

Back to reading if your are beginner then start with an Indian author because the language is easy and it will generate interest and after reading two books of the same move to fictional books like that of Dan Brown or Sydney Sheldon or Stephen King then move a bit back in time pick someone like Agatha Christie which will teach you what the murder mystery is all about. After you get a hang of these books move to heavier ones like George RR Martin and then maybe to Sherlock Holmes and then Charles Dickens or Alexander Dumas and many more.

But around June or July stop reading books and now its time to diversify your reading so start reading articles of random topics and genres because we need to increase our familiarity of a genre and the words used in the same. I would be putting a list of websites to refer to for accessing articles which have CAT level languages in their articles. Also at the same time start reading editorials and opinion sections of the newspaper. It will depend from person to person and only you know how far behind you lag in a particular section and the amount of effort you need to improve. Rest for the VA section practice makes man perfect is the idiom I would use. So solve the study materials and sectional tests. A lot of things will be sorted after you improve your reading like understanding sentence linking and new words adding to your vocabulary will be one of the side benefits.

Give mocks analyze them thoroughly because reading when the clock is ticking can be a humbling experience but give enough mocks so that it is like second nature to you. This section can be a boon or a bane it will only depend on you how you see it.

Our is a generation who looks for easy fixes and instant results but the VARC SECTION will require constant and consistent efforts so follow a disciplined schedule and read every day because “ Motivation might get you going but Discipline will keep you growing”.

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Arshad Pimpare



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Arshad Pimpare

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