Don’t go to Pakistan!

Media has highlighted Pakistan in the light of negativity for the world. So, we decided that it’s time for a change, the world needs to see the real and positive side of Pakistan.

Day 1: We met Dil Se Pakistan and they taught us about movie making, casting, photography, storyboard, script writing, etc. Then we had a session with ma’am Jaweria, she taught us about blog writing and introduced us to a new, professional blogging site called After that we went to our assigned room and contributed our ideas for the film. There were many different contributions, Hania suggested that we should make about the reality of a transgender in the society and Samreen recommended that we should make a video that would sarcastically display the topic and show all the goodness of Pakistan. After a heated debate between the two, the team democratically decided to follow Samreen’s idea.

Day 2: Everyone met at their respective room. We discussed the plan for our video, such as, we came up with the script, the scenes and the actors. There were many suggestions, but the most suitable ones were; showing beauty, education, culture, humanity and security in Pakistan. Since, some of the members couldn’t go outside; we divided our team into two. Hania and Samreen left the school with their mentor in order to shoot the video, while Summayyah, Daheem and Rania stayed in school and made their progress, like coming up with scripts, conducting interviews, etc.

Hania and Samreen visited places like Lok Virsa, Rose and Jasmine garden, Faisal Mosque and Edhi Home. Ma’am Muggo was there to supervise them and Sir Haider drove them to those places. There they shot some videos and also conducted interviews. Daheem, Summayyah and Rania shot some scenes with Asif bhai, our chef, Aqeela Baji and Sir Yasir.

Day 3: We came to school ready to conquer today’s tasks, but our day did not go as planned. When we started viewing yesterday’s shots, we realized that we took more pictures than videos. But, we stood together as a team and hoped for the best. During that time, Samreen and Hania came up with a plan and a new that could help them overcome this obstacle.

Thus, we divided themselves into three groups; for filming, for downloading a moviemaking software and for blogging. Even though we started working as a team, we faced many problems, such as, the filming team couldn’t find actors, and the blogging team had difficulty deciding what to write, and the ones who were downloading the software didn’t know which was the best one. But, we were united and soon we finished their tasks for the day.

Our mentor suggested that we should start working on our video immediately, without wasting time. So, we downloaded windows moviemaker, but we were told that DSP doesn’t prefer this app. We had to uninstall it and we downloaded filmora. But, it was too complicated for us to understand so, Hania downloaded I movie. Our teachers didn’t prefer those app, sticking to our old school technic and breaking all the barriers, we started working on moviemaker. Samreen and Hania started editing and they finished the video by the end of the day. Samreen was able to gather all the bloopers and created a video. We were almost done with our tasks.

Day 4: Our day started by attending a school meeting in the pensive hall. We headed back to our work station and showed our video to our mentor. She liked the video, but she asked us to further improve it and switch to Abode Premiere CC 2015. Sir Haider helped us download the app in our laptop and Samreen transformed all pictures. We meet DSP and learned the very few basics of Adobe Premiere, when the moved on the important editing tools, electricity went. The session stopped over there and our team was spilt into two again. Hania went out of school to capture the remaining shots of Islamabad for the video. Samreen helped her come up with a plan for her trip, to capture the graffiti, take pictures of the monument in the F-9 park, Saidpur village and a local Dhaba. Hania left and Samreen and the team came up with a plan.