Finding who you really are???

Finding about your strengths and weaknesses is not an easy task. But when you ask someone who knows you better than others like your friends and family members. I also have learned about my abilities and strengths and weaknesses by asking from these. Everything in the world is created for some purpose and everything in the universe knows why they are created, what are there strengths, abilities and weaknesses.

Everything knows what it is capable of, but human are capable of anything but they don’t know what they can do. They always want someone to tell them what to do and how to do it. Learning from others is the key element of human. It’s his nature to observe and learn from the things around him. But there are sometimes when you don’t have information for some things or situations. In these cases you go to others for help, the people who better know you and understand you. You can learn from anything in the world. I just asked my friends to tell me about my abilities and weaknesses which they think are in me.

I learned that most of my friends know me very well. I learned a lot about my abilities and weaknesses about which I have no knowledge. Friends are a very important part of life. The thing surprised me most was I didn’t know my abilities which most of my friends told me about. There are a lot of abilities about which I have no idea and my friends knew about that. I wasn’t aware of the strengths which were in me but I didn’t know about that.

The qualities that they told me were that I am a good analyst, diligent, good under intense conditions and promote other’s ideas. The new skills which I learned about I will try to be more effective with them. I will use these skills to help my future objectives. And most importantly the weaknesses I came to know were a lot about I never think of them. But now I know what these are and I will try my best to change my weaknesses into my strengths. These are the things which you learn from your friends. Co-operation and helping others is a best thing that helps you and others to achieve your goals and objectives.

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