Informational Interview

I have not taken an interview before. This was my first engagement for an interview in I was the interviewer and it was a good experience. For informational interviews I called two persons 1) Mr. Prof. Touseef Ahmad from Hailey College of Commerce and 2) Mr. Azhar Abbas Finance Officer CCBPL.

Following are the questions which I asked from them;

1. What you do? (What is your job description?)

2. How can I help you? (now or in the future)

3. Your story how you got here, what you are now?

4. Your likes and dislikes about the job.

5. Do you enjoy working here?

6. What is the culture of your organization?

7. Are there any chances of promotion?

8. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

9. What are the qualifications and skills needed for this job?

10. What is the hiring process of your organization?

11. If you have to start again what will you do?

12. What should I do if I want to join your organization?

13. Your suggestions as to what should I do now after completing my Degree?

14. Can you refer me to someone who might help me with some more information?

I learned about the culture of their organizations, other things which are asked in above questions. It was a good Experience talking to someone you doesn’t know from sometime. Sharing information and getting advises and opinions for my professional life. After this I will be using their suggestions in future for my professional life. People with experience can help you a lot and by using that experience you can also become a successful person.