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Simple Made Easy — Convert XUL to HTML

From the title of this blog, some of you guys might have guessed what is the theme of this blog. In this blog, I will be talking about decomposition of dialogs components and introduction of Redux.

A few weeks back, I was talking about the react dialogs architecture with Yulia(devtools developer at Mozilla) and after a brief discussion, I quickly realized that I need to make the existing react dialogs simpler. Earlier I was thinking that react dialogs were simple enough to avoid Redux but after the discussion, I decided to use it in the react dialogs.

Decomposing React Dialogs

Some of the…

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There is a lot to see — Convert XUL to HTML

In the past blog, I talked mostly about the development environment setup, but this blog will be about the react dialog development.

Since then I have been working on converting some more dialogs into React. I have converted three dialogs — calendar properties dialog, calendar alarm dialog and print dialog into their React equivalent till now. Calendar alarm dialog and print dialog still need some work on state logic but it is not something that will take much time. Here are some screenshots of these dialogs.

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First Steps — Convert XUL to HTML

This summer I am working on a Thunderbird project — Convert XUL to HTML, as a Google Summer of Code 2017 candidate. I am really excited and thrilled to start my journey at Mozilla. I will be working on Mozilla Calendar add-on for Thunderbird aka Lightning. The goal of this project will be to convert XUL dialog boxes into their React versions.

Project Abstract:

Lightning has traditionally been using XUL for its user interface. To modernize, we would like to convert dialogs, tab content and other parts of the user interface to HTML. …

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