If one sits down to assess the damage done by the continuous strikes, shutdowns and curfews in Kashmir on the psyche, intellect, mentality, and physical growth of our kids, the results would be mind-boggling. As I see the effects of living in a conflict zone on my child, it can be very demotivating to realise it is going to take years, maybe even a decade to reverse the bad posture, the bad habits, and the unhealthy sleep cycle formed through months and years of instability, insecurity and chaos.

Kids need rhythms, patterns, routines and regularity to develop well, whether emotionally, physically, or spiritually. It is an age where they are just beginning to understand their bodies, its rhythms and hormonal changes, beginning to develop interpersonal skills, understand plurality and diversity and the importance of a self-identity. To have their lives thrown into limbo should be the crime of the new millennium.

What makes me mad is that the Hurriyat thugs have their own kids and grandkids in presitigious institutions, and metro-cities with the facilities of 24 hour non-stop electricity and other technology, while our kids make do with whatever they can salvage in the up and down of the ''tehreek''. If we are demanding a Nuremberg trial for war crimes by the Indian Army such as Gowkadal, Kunan Poshpora, Jalil Andrabi's custodial murder, then it is pertinent we also get the Hurriyat thugs on dock for the years of violence, apathy and abuse inflicted on our youth through their nefarious 'hartal calendars'.

It is easy for keyboard warriors of Facebook jihad to advocate sacrifice, struggle and martyrdom from American and UK Universities, well-funded by the petro dollars from the Hawala channels (the ISI-Saudi-Berkeley-Mirpur-London-JNU-nexus) from the confines of their 'safe spaces' and literally order our youth to deal with the regressiveness, the seige from within, the procrastinating attitudes and the sheer laziness of conflict economy that sets in.

There are those like me who could afford to ''Escape from Freedom'' and build a sanctuary away from the 'gulag of the mind and body' that Kashmir has become. Then there are those who cannot afford to leave and live entire decades like hostages in a Stockholm situation. In many a cases, there is intellectual death, but then the physically dead by choice are increasing in large numbers.

We owe it to the next generations to resist this injustice- an injustice which has become law - a law of the land, imposed by collaborators of a foreign military-mullah-industrial-complex hell bent on introducing sharia law. If we do not build a resistance for this fascism then the ones who are not able to get on the plane, or on that last taxi through the Banihal tunnel will forever be trapped in the Swiss Stockholm of the East.

It is our debt to pay.

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