Having a good Mentor in life

I think having a good mentor in our life makes our lives easy and successful. Because mentor is a person who already faced challenges which we know that we also have to go through this.

In my life I make different people as my mentor in different situation. Who helped me in my life and I am very grateful to those who get me out of those problems. But know when I am going to start my professional career, I have to choose a mentor who had experienced the same challenges which I probably could face them. Like a mentor same of my field. So when I see my around my circle my family, friends, relatives and co fellows there is only one person whom I can choose as my mentor for professional career is my dearest friend and adviser HAJIRA RIAZ.

Hajira riaz is a great personality I have ever met. I said this because when I get in touch with her, her life is mostly is same as of my life. So I consider her as my mentor for my professional and personal life. She is senior to me, she did Fsc pre medical but due to issue of her health she didn’t continue her medical field. For this unfortunate she always have guilt in herself. But now MASHAALLAH she is doing job at Bahria Orchard as an audit officer. She is successful just because of her patience and hard working. And also she was a fellow and PA in amal academy. She consider that amal transform her life. Amal is a place for her that she polished from there. She is very confident, bright and vivid personality. Whenever I met her I feel very positive and she give such advice which is very useful to me.

I have to meet her as my mentor and have to ask some questions related to her career which she faced challenges in that time, her success story. So last evening I went to her home, she welcomed me warmly although she came from office at that time still she give time to me and we have a great tea time.

First I ask about her strengths. That what are the things or tools that makes you so strong and ambitious. She answered me that her communication is outstanding, which I also inspired by this quality. She said that always communicate with respect. She get a chance to accomplished her communication at Amal where she get chances of comparing, debating, and speeches. She believes that Amal give me chance to cultivate herself. She is the person who convince me for doing fellowship in amal. And now when I completing my fellowship I was really thankful to her she give a platform where I learned a lot and polished myself here I improve my communication power and other skills. Then she said she have a good convincing power. She can convince a person with positivity and in a manner that other not feel as forced pressure on him/her. I think this is really important skill for manage our job. Then she said she have a good leadership qualities. She take a complete team equally with herself. She get suggestions of all team members, if anyone didn’t agree with her, she convinced that person and also agreeing with other advices.

Then I ask about her difficulties that she faced as she started newly an office job. She said yes there were difficulties which I had to faced. She started her job with fear. Because she didn’t have a command on finance but when she started the job she said I do my work by learning from others, she didn’t feel ashamed for asking people questions. So she learned from others and then do her work. Now she is very respectful person at her job post. She is very practical, long learner and passionate in her professional career.

She helped me in getting admission in Amal academy. First she give me an idea when she is doing fellowship there at that time I didn’t consider it I thought that is a normal academy type nut when she give me brief idea and give me the main purpose of that institute so I get taking interest in it so finally she convinced me to do a fellowship here. And after doing fellowship I am very thankful to her that she give a correct path to improve my skills.


When I asked about her success story. She answered me that she had always ups and downs in her life. She didn’t get which she want but which she get is always higher from her expectations. She tell me about her amal fellowship where first she studied as a fellowship, where she learned a lot. She had a good comparing power when she rejected for the comparing from her college she feel really bad. Then in amal she get lots of chances to prove herself. In the convocation ceremony of amal they want a comparing person so they finalize hajira without having any discussion or audition. And it was an event of 300+ people. Only believe in herself and others believes on her make her so strong that after hearing her voice no one could stopped clapping.

She always have a great believe in herself and also she didn’t give up at any point in her life. She loves to do social work, she is very sensitive for others, if anybody want to get help from her she always give good advices happily.

So I want to be like herself as I really inspired by her hardworking, patience and politeness. I try to be like her, and want to convert some of her qualities in me so that I can be a successful person.

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