Become Interesting By Being Interested

Nothing is interesting if you’re not interested” Helen Maclnness

After reading Dale Carnegie Book named “ HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE” a question come into my mind that can i became a this type of person who can understand the people’s hearts and their feelings?

The little story of Dale Carnegie , Abdul Sattar Edhi and many other people helps others, these people really understand the feelings of the other people and do their best in what they can do. They listen carefully, understand their problems and think with an open mind and big heart about how to act. Human nature has always required more attention.

Amal Academy give me the challenge of listening and understand the people feelings for a whole day and being interesting. By doing this interesting challenge I want to show interest to you. This challenge required active listening, patience and so on. When I start this challenge I became aware that people or also my friends are worried about sharing their problems and issues, they really want someone in their life to understand them and help them how they solve their problems and issues.

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