In Person CV drop

In person CV drop is a new thing for me but certainly I learn a lot about in person CV drop during Amal Fellowship.Due to this now when I going for in person CV drop I was more confident because I was equipped with many new things which I learn from Amal Academy and finally going to implement it in my practical life.

I went to Shiblee group of colleges, Faisalabad where faced some problem because due to tight security guard keeper was insisted me to drop my CV at reception but when I told him I want to meet with Principal for some other work too he let me to go inside. It was a very good experience as he really appreciated my academic record and answered me positively by cooling me again for demo. At the end of meeting i asked him for his Email, he smiled and give me his email address. I send him a thank you email, its a goo d experience for me. Following are some important point which should be kept in mind during in person drop of resume.

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