Khudi and Self Learning a milestone

It is well said by someone that if you want to finish your task just start it. In the start of my M Phil i meet with my supervisor and asked for my research work, he guided me to about my research work. Then i start my research, my research is on Aflatoxin of maize which is a major threat to human and animal from health point of view. I decided to study this problem to find out some hints which can be used for prevention purpose.

Aflatoxin in maize/corn is too much hazards to human health. It caused many abnormalities in animals which feed on these aflatoxin affected corn. By using the milk taken from these affected animals, humans can suffer with severe problems such as liver problems, cancer, kidney failure etc.

After start my research i visit university library to search on this topic and shocked that no research is carried out on this topic before, then i visit a research station and i found that nothing is done on this before in Pakistan. At this time i thought i should change my research work, to do such work which easy one. After two to three days i decided to this work whatever i have to do. I start my research work i faced a lot of problems at that time, i continue my struggle and solved these problems. But problems increased when i need some chemicals tests of the aflatoxin affected corn. Analysis is done through HPLC which is too much costly technique that its become impossible for me to do this.

I personally meet many teachers for solving this problem, but they are unable. But by meeting teachers i got some links which could become helpful for me, then use these links meet people of this field. It take about two to three months to discover some stations who can help me, at last i meet a teacher who guided me to solve this problem. Then i write a application to VC about my problem he take action and my analysis was done without any cost.

I am very excited to write about my story that after completing my research work i gain much experience and learn that if you want to finish your task just start it, it will finish soon.

From this experience my faith on hardworking and consistency increased many fold, i decided by myself to do given task with hardworking in future.

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